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Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Observations

At this time of the year, Autumn is settling in and football is king again. There are Plenty of things to catch up to so we will just get to it.

College Football- Three up and Three down

Three up

1. South Carolina- I continue to be impressed with this team. Marcus Lattimore tore Georgia racking up 182 yards in his first conference game. He is a load to contain in between the tackles and gives the Gamecocks a reliable offensive weapon. Steven Garcia was good enough going 12-17 for 155 yards but he doesn't have to put up spectacular numbers with the addition of Lattimore. Georgia couldn't do anything with the kid and the Gamecocks offensive line looks very good. They are my darkhorse pick for the SEC east division.

2. Oklahoma- I was one of the critics going into their game with FSU and boy was I wrong about this team. In what looked to be a shootout int the beginning of the game, Oklahoma turned into a blowout. They came out and put a beat down on what is suppose to be a decent Seminole squad (I guess we can say Utah State must be pretty good or the Sooners were looking to next week). Landry Jones made Florida State's secondary look like Swiss cheese. It was amazing to see the separation his receivers had before catches. Ryan Broles had a field day with 12 catches for 124 yards. This had to be dishearten for Jimbo Fisher and his staff. Bob Stoops may have taught little brother Mark a thing or two but not everything.

3. Kansas- How many people thought they would go beat ranked Georgia Tech after losing to FBS North Dakota State. If you said you did than your lying. Turner Gill's bunch came out looking like a totally different team. Gill changed quarterbacks and that seemed to rejuvenate his team. Jordan Webb sparked the offense with 3 touchdown passes ,the same offense that was so dismal and scored just 3 points last weeks vs. North Dakota State. After the week of turmoil Kansas had to deal with, this was a much deserved win.

Three down

1. The ACC- What a crappy weekend for the conference. It seems like everybody lost this weekend: Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Florida State, and Miami (FL). The Virginia Tech lost hurt the entire conference as far as credibility and the losses by FSU and Miami (FL) to other nationally ranked schools shows where the ACC is as far is the pecking order in College Football. The only two teams to win was Maryland, who played Morgan State ( They better had won) and Wake Forrest who beat conference rival Duke (does that really count?). Bottom line is that the conference had a chance to make a statement this weekend playing some quality teams and guess you can say statement made although in a very bad way.

2. Virginia Tech- Sorry ACC fans but I have to pile on even more here. Virginia Tech, which is suppose to be the cream of the crop in the ACC lost to freaking James Madison. Maybe they should have taken this weekend off, they still looked uninspired and uninterested after playing Boise State this Monday. The offense couldn't score more than 16 points vs a FBS opponent, really? Tyrod Taylor, really? Frank Beamer really? The craziest part about this is that this deals a blow to Boise's national title hopes with such a bad loss.

3. Florida State- I had a hard time picking between Miami (FL) and FSU but after watching some footage of the horrendous defensive performance, State gets the nod here. Look at Landry Jones stats: 30-40 380 yards and 4 touchdowns. He had 300 yards passing in the first half alone. If Bob didn't call off the doesn’t call off the dogs, he could have easily threw for 500 yards. You just don't expect this from a Seminole defense and yeah I know they are in transition on defense but God I know they still have some athletes back there that can compete. In what was suppose to be the momentum for his Heisman campaign, Christian Ponder finished 11-28 for 113 yards. He had back to back INTs on consecutive plays. It was just an ugly performance after a lot of fanfare from the Seminole fan base.

NFL three up and three down

Three Up

1. Houston Texans- It has to feel good to beat the Colts the way that they did. Facing Peyton Manning and the dark cloud that hangs over the franchise, Houston came out and just pounded Indianapolis on both sides of the ball. Arian Foster (from the University of Tennessee I have to add) rushed for 231 yards and made the Colts D look very suspicious. The Colts are not use to playing from behind and Houston jumped out to a 13 point lead. From there they just gave it to Foster who ran wild yesterday. If I had told you that Matt Schuab would go 9-17 for 107 yard and the Texans would beat the Colts by ten you would call me a liar.

2.Seattle Seahawks- Way to break in the new regime by handing it to the Niners. Pete Carroll is one cool guy. If you just look at him on the sidelines, it looks likes at any moment he could be leaving to go surfing but this guy can coach and motivate as well. The 49ers were supposed to be the class of the division but Seattle was the one who took San Fran to Class. Matt Hasselbeck looked liked Matt circa 2004 making some great throws and displaying his keen pocket awareness running for a touchdown. Mike Williams showed why they let go of Housh. I am very impressed and excited to see how they build off this win.

3. New England Patriots- The demise of the Pats have been greatly exaggerated. The Bengals were a popular pick to take down New England but Brady and the boys came out and whooped Cincinnati. Wes Welker came back and caught 8 passes for 64 yards and a touchdown. Brady finishes a week where he was in a car wreck signed a new contract making him the highest paid player in football and then beating up on the Bengals. Not a bad week in my book.

Three down

1.Oakland Raiders- I was pretty high on this team. I thought that Jason Campbell would finally give them the stability of a legitimate starter coupled in with the facts that Darren Mcfadden would have a breakout year and the defense would provide enough to at least make for a 8 or 9 win season for this team. Wrong, wrong and wrong. They came out and got man handled on both sides of the ball. Campbell was sacked 4 times and pressured and hurried many other times. Chris Johnson couldn't have asked for a better team to go against starting his 2,500 yard campaign.

2. San Francisco 49ers- This is suppose to be their year to win the division and this is how come out and play. Mike Singletary has to be disappointed and I feel one those great speeches of his will be needed after this one. Alex Smith looked decent but every once in a while he reverts back to the old Alex Smith as when he had a perfect play action called and had his man in the end zone wide opened and over threw him. Frank Gore couldn't find any running room in what was suppose to be a revamped offensive line. They tried on the goal line, going for 4th down multiple times but couldn't punch it in. San Fran is a good team but its time to start performing week in and week out and they are going to take the division crown this year.

3.Cincinatti Bengals- So after all the hooting and hollering about this team has a Super Bowl or bust mentality, they come out and lay an egg in the first game. The Score was 31-3 at one point for crying out loud. When you have the weapons the Bengals have there is no excuse not to put up points on anybody. This New England team got lit up by Sam Bradford in their last preseason game and Carson Palmer, Terrell Owens, and Ocho whatever he is calling himself these days have to right this ship before the media jumps in and hijacks their season. If they have another bad performance next week, watch out because the light will be burning hot on them.

Other things I noticed:

How many people thought that was touchdown by Calvin Johnson? I have my hand raised at this moment. I understand the interpretation of the rule but the guy clearly had his leg, butt, hand and everything else touched the ground but because when he got up he used the ball as leverage they called it an incomplete pass? Dumb rule in my book

Michael Vick looked like the old Michael Vick in clean up duty for Kevin Kolb. Do I smell a QB controversy in Cheese steak city? I don't think so, Kolb makes to much money to make that debatable but if he does not perform well again or is out for an amount of time, Vick looks to have control of the offense and flashed some of the brilliance that made us fall in love with him in the first place.

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