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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekend Dunface Labor Day Weekend Edition

Being Dwight Howard has to be the life. Standing at 7" feet tall and 250 pounds, he is the best big man in the business with his size and athleticism. He is the two time defending defensive player of the year (2008-2010), lead the league in rebounding the last five years (2005-2010), and blocks the last two (2008-2010). As you can see by the stats, there are not to many guys on the planet throwing down on this man, and for good reason. So when you see something like this happen to him, its like a significant event. Its something that makes you keep watching it over and over even when you know what and how its going to end. It happens so rarely that we could kind of call it a some what of a  holiday. OK that might be a stretch but in honor of the holiday weekend I will toast to a great dunkface from Kobe on Mr.Howard. Looks as if Kobe had some krytonite for Superman that night.

Be sure to check with me monday as give you my weekend quick hits.

To see the full video, you tube it on the bottom right corner of my blog,

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