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Friday, April 15, 2011

Lil Wayne shows up at his latest concert in Skylar Diggins Jersey

Lil Wayne’s infatuation for one Skylar Diggins looks to have no limits. Not only has Weezy tweeted the Notre Dame Point guard, he now is fully rocking her jersey at his latest concert.

For those who don’t know who Diggins is, she is the All-American guard with model looks who led the Fighting Irish to the national championship game. She is also a 20 year old female who is under an all out barrage at the hands of one of the most famous rappers in the world. At her age it’s hard to decipher what Lil wayne is throwing at her.

Now I am no Lil Wayne hater, he happens to be one of my favorite rappers, but I would hate for her to end up like other Wayne baby-mothers (Lauren London and Nivea to name a couple).

It seems that within 20 minutes of having a pretty young lady in his presence, Wayne impregnates them. Hopefully this is just playful banter between the two as he tweeted her “"Kongrats to @skydigg4, my wife. Now bring it home baby." And she tweeted back "@LilTunechi is hilarious for that one!," "idc wht ANYbody says, thts love...I'm a fan, so I can be happy!"

As far as the men wearing women jerseys thing, I wouldn’t advise it guys.

What do you guys think? Is Wayne wrong for chasing Diggins? Is he being wrongly accused in the media for this?

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