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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big Al might be coming back to the Titans

"If the Titans franchise me, I will never come back to play for Tennessee." Those are the words from Big Al in a local interview in Nashville. Well as you can see never is a long time, Reports are surfacing that Haynesworth may be back on his way to the Titans It would be so ironic. He always said you didn't always feel respected or loved in the volunteer state (coming from a guy that went to University of Tenn and the Titans) but looks like he ran his self out of D.C. I am from Nashville, so I know the story behind you leaving. Now I can understand Hayneworth wanting to come play in the system that he had his most success in however I do question his motivation for football now that he has that 100 million dollar contract. If I am Jeff Fisher, I definitely have to look into this because that D-line of the titans scares no one, but does Fisher really want this headache all over again? His most infamous moment arguably is his most memorable moment as a Titan, when he stepped on the face of Dallas Cowboys center Andre Gurode. Gurode would require stitches barely missing his eye and Haynesworth would be suspended. The more you look for insight from a 6"6 300 pound man, the more you find the enigma that is Big Al. When he performs the way he is capable of this guy is unstoppable (Every quarterback in the AFC South breathed a sigh of relief when he bolted for D.C) but there is the problem of when he wants to. Mike Shannahan is a man's man. No time for games, unless they are on the field and I give him the utmost respect for not putting up with Albert's mess. He clearly now has the respect of his locker room. Despite the comments made from Donnovan McNabb, I suspect that Redskins have long disapproved of Haynesworth antics. London Fletcher even called him out at one point this summer. What is best for all parties moving forward in D.C doesn't appear to involve Big Al. Now we will have to wait and see if Tennessee will take on round two of Big Al. Either way, most people in Tennessee could care less.

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