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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Carmelo Anthony vs Kat Stacks

Ding Ding Ding, Lets Get Ready to Rumble!! For those who know Kat Stacks, you know her game by now. She is famous for sleeping with rappers for money and then tells her story for money. Souilja Boy and Bow Wow just to name two but this weekend she happened to mention Carmelo name and he was having none of it. His wife Lala Vasquez also got involved and as most men know when the wife gets involved, the problem is magnified ten times worst. Carmelo responded but offering anyone who had video of Kat Stacks being slapped 5,000 dollars. Yeah I have to admit, I thought about it. If I could find her i would offer her half if she let me do it and we could split the money and everyone wins in that scenario. She obviously needs money too or she wouldn't be sleeping around, I'm just saying. Maybe Lala and Kat can have a Celebrity Boxing match ( If you think calling Stacks a celeb is a stretch, I would not disagree with you) that has to be good for money to charity or something right?

This Kat Stacks is trouble anywhere she shows up. You would think these rappers and athletes would know to stay away from her by now but I guess when and attractive and have a nice body only so much can be expected out of a man. Twitter by the way deleted Carmelo's page and Carmelo says that it was hacked, I'm not buying that Carmelo especially when your wife is saying your on a tweeter roll.

Lesson learned: Stay away from Kat Stacks, Unless your looking for trouble

Editor's note: Kat Stacks has been slapped before, if you have a chance on the bottom right of my blog look up Kat Stacks gets slapped on the you tube player and enjoy!


  1. True she does have a nice body. But she made soulja boy look real crazy by showing that cocaine in his hotel room. Fabolous tweeted saying #stupidboy swag it was hilarious. But i dont think Kat Stacks want to see lala.

  2. Naw she don't want to see Lala she got thank spanish in her you know they crazy. Stupid boy swag ha that is funny. Thanks for the comment