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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NFL Quick Hits

  • Reports are surfacing in Indianapolis that Bob Sanders may have played his last game as a Colt. Sanders is a fan favorite for the Colts known for his demoralizing hits and style of play, but at his size that type of play makes him prone to injury. Sanders never played a full season, even in his defensive player of the year campaign. Such a sad moment for a great talent.
  • Jets say Haynesworth not great fit
    Albert Haynesworth in green and white? Don't expect the New York Jets' brass to panic over Tuesday's loss of Kris Jenkins, speed-dial the 703 area code, and inquire about the price of doing business with the Redskins in a potential deal for Albert Haynesworth. That's not to say the Jets won't explore some veteran options at nose tackle -- although 3-4 nose tackles are hard to find at any time of the year, much less a week into the season -- but the likelihood they'll look into Haynesworth is remote. So said a Jets official on Tuesday afternoon. "Anything is possible," the respected New York management official told The Sports Xchange. "But I wouldn't hold my breath [on Haynesworth]. It's not a great fit."
  • You think Calvin Johnson is over the touchdown that wasn't a touchdown? Not even close, check out his twitter page.
  • Two big name injuries that will effect contending teams: Ryan Grant of the Packers and Kris Jenkins of the Jets. Both will be out for the year. Ouch
  • Clinton Portis why would you create more attention on a subject no one in the league wants to talk about? He may have said what the players are thinking, but that was just to soon. View the story at
  • Laurence Maroney traded to Broncos. He never seemed to get a fair shake in New England. He now reunites with Josh McDaniels, hopefully he can resurrect his career.
  • Can you believe someone really thought this cheerleader was hurt in this video:;_ylt=AgtETGxaVQ9qdjZ_wEV.m6dDubYF?urn=nfl-269355

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