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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Sportaholic Show on 107.1 Radio Free Nashville 11/07/2012

The Sportaholic show breaks down the Tennessee Titans woes from top to bottom in the first segment of the show after they got bum rushed by the Chicago Bears 51-20. Who deserves the most blame for this debacle and how will Bud Adams comments affect the team going forward? How does this team find a way to get better? We ask all these questions and more about just what to expect from the Titans going forward.

We talk NBA on if James Harden can continue his torrid pace to start the season, the New York Knicks hot start and the Los Angeles Lakers getting their first win of the season. In NFL news we discuss the controversial Mike Shanahan comments on the Redskins playing for next season, the tricky Sean Payton situation in New Orleans and why on earth anyone would lock out Jerry Jones from his own team’s locker room.

In the 6 o’clock hour we speak with Dirk Hoag of, which is one of if the not the best website covering the Nashville Predators. Dirk will break down the latest in the NHL labor dispute, how the Predators will fare once the game begins, the Ryan Suter exodus, Shea Weber’s big deal, and other NHL related news.

And of course we will have all the usual SRS staples from the Sportaholic NFL power poll, your local team updates, the Derek Dooley watch in Knoxville, and your college football and NFL picks for the weekend. All this and the usual banter between the Sportaholic Los Paige and co-host Jr. the Bossman.

Tune in to 107.1 WRFN Radio Free Nashville this Wednesday to tune in and if not by your radio stream live on you smart device on

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SRS 09-19-12

We’re up to it again on the SRS talking football as we chronicle the NFL replacement refs debacle. How important is the integrity of the game to Roger Godell and the NFL brain trust? How are the players and coaches taking advantage of the situation and should we expect the real refs to come back this season?
We ask all those questions to our guest Russell S. Baxter, NFL featured columnist for Bleacher Report and contributor to, Athlon sports, and He answers those pressing questions on the refs, recaps week 2 NFL action and gives us his prediction on Thursday’s night tilt between the Carolina Panthers and the defending Super Bowl Champs New York Giants.

We also check in with our Titans Correspondent Jimmy Morris of to talk about the Titans horror show of the first two weeks of the season. Tennessee has looked like one of the worst teams in the NFL thus far and with the Detroit Lions coming to town off a loss to San Francisco, it doesn’t get any easier for the Titans. Jimmy break down what we saw against the San Diego Chargers and tells us what to expect versus Detroit.

All this and more including special guess Jr. the Bossman as we hit on all the latest topics from Yunel Escocbar homophobic eye paint and the MLB’s playoff race to the some of the off the wall stories of the week. You don’t want to miss out a great show we have lined up this Wednesday from 5-7 PM on 107.1 WRFN Radio Free Nashville. If you’re not by your radio stream live on your computer, tablet or smartphone at

Monday, September 3, 2012

This Wednesday the all new Sportaholic Radio Show is joined by Delia Enriquez, Writer for Yankees Fans Unite, Pinstripe News & MLB Contributor to Sports Rantz Magazine as we talk about the MLB season entering the stretch run in September. This is usually where the contenders separate themselves from the pretenders and Delia’s expert analysis will give us the lowdown on everything MLB.

Our second guest will be our Titans correspondent Jimmy Morris as he speaks on the Tennessee Titans, who are readying for their first game of the regular season versus perennial power the New England Patriots. We chat about the final 53 man roster, what to expect in the first game and if the Titans can pull out the victory over Brady, Belicheck and the Pats.

Our last guest will is Jason McIntyre, creator of Big Lead Sports, a blog owned by USA Today that mainly covers sports but also touches on everything from politics to pop culture. It was started in February 2006 by Jason McIntyre and college friend David Lessa. McIntyre, a former sportswriter, enlisted the help of fellow bloggers Stephen Douglas), Tyler Duffy Jason Lisk, and Tim Ryan in 2008 and 2009 to help contribute. He comes on and talks college football after an electrifying opening weekend to the college football season.

All this and the usual on the Sportaholic Radio Show this Wednesday from 5-7 P.M on 107.1 Radio Free Nashville and Make sure you don’t miss this one. IF you miss the show make sure to check the podcast on and

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Sportaholic Show 8-22-12

Check out the all new Sportaholic Radio Show this Wednesday as we talk Titans football as the keys to the Titans engine have been given to Jake Locker but is he ready? We go in depth with that and more on the Titans next preseason game versus the Arizona Cardinals with Jimmy Morris of the MusicCityMiracles and our Titans correspondent.

We of course would be amiss if we didn’t talk about the rest of week 2 of the NFL Preseason as Michael Vick gets injured, the New York have yet to score, the QB shuffle that has saw a changing of the guard in the league( Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden, Jake Locker, Russell Wilson?) and the best and worst of the preseason so far.

Special co-host Jr. the Bossman joins the Sportaholic Los Paige as they give there expert analysis on the biggest sports stories of the week such as the new Lebron X shoe costing a whopping $315. You don’t want to miss what they have to say about that sticker price. How about Augusta national allowing its first female members? We can’t forget the always entertaining but never ending idiotic comments of Skip Bayless.

All this and the usual back and forth banter you have come to expect on The Sportaholic Radio Show on 107.1 WRFN Radio Free Nashville and stream live at IF you miss the show make sure to check the podcast on and

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sportaholic Radio Show 8-15-12

Join us on “The Sportaholic Sports Show” this Wednesday from 5-7 PM as we chronicle the rise and fall of Chad Johnson and his short lived Miami Dolphin career. We ask the obvious question of why would he keep the receipts of his condom purchases in the first place?

We also talk the big 4 team trade that landed Dwight Howard to the LA Lakers and how this trade not only makes LA title favorites but also how it changes the landscape of the entire league.
Of course we also hit on the end of the 2012 Olympics and ask who had the best and worst moments of the London games. Did you even pay attention to last days of events? What about Tyrann Matthieu and where does the Honey Badger go from here?

All this and more as we welcome Jr. the Bossman in as special co-host along with our guests Jimmy Morris form MusicCityMiracles.Com talks all things Titans as we review their first pre-season game against the Seattle Seahawks and what to expect in their next as Jake Locker gets the start versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Corey Parson producer of Rotowire Fantasy Football Today on SirusXM Radio. He gives us the lowdown on who’s hot and who’s not for the 2012 NFL season of fantasy football.

So you don’t want to miss this show from 5-7 PM CST on 107.1 WRFN Radio Free Nashville locally and to stream online. If you miss out we may head butt you like Chad… oh never mind. If you miss the show, you can always catch the podcast on 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Check out the new

The Sportaholic would like to announce the launching of, the new way to keep up with all of the Sportaholic show podcasts. You can also sign up for weekly updates and giveaways on the new site. I invite all of my readers to the new setup and tell me what you think:

Monday, August 6, 2012

Big Show Wednesday 8-08-12

We have a great show lined up for you on Wednesday on “The Sportaholic Radio Show” on 107.1 WRFN Nashville. We take on all the latest in the world of sports including the 2012 Olympics asking the question who has been the most successful athlete thus far? What about NFL training camp, who has been the most impressive team as the season gets closer to starting? College football camps have also opened this week and we tell you how the UT Vols and Vanderbilt Commodores. All of this along with our regular segments including the “Diss of the week” and “Name that coaching rant”.

Memphis native and commercial appeal writer Adam Douglas joins us in studio to talk sports as only the way we ww.can. He covers the local Memphis scene including the Grizzlies and the University of Memphis.

We also speak with David E. Whitley of AOL Fanhouse as he joins us live from London where he continues his coverage on 2012 Olympics games. He gives us his observations on what so far has been an outstanding Olympics.

Lastly, we take it to Titans training camp as we converse with Jimmy Morris of the on which Titans have impressed so far in camp and what to expect this team as the season inches closer to starting.

This will be a great show starting at 5 PM CST so make sure to tune in to 107.1 Radio Free Nashville and also to stream live as the show is in progress

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

07-18-12 Sportaholic Radio Show

Ashley Allen
Make sure to join us for "The Sportaholic Radio Show" this Wednesday as the Sports Chick former Tennessee Titans makes long awaited return and co-hots with the Sportaholic himself.

David Whitley

We welcome AOL Fanhouse Sporting News columnist David Whitley on the show to discuss everything on the 2012 London Olympics. David writes an excellent column that ranges from NBA, NCAA Football, Golf, and the Olympics ( We ask him the tough questions like who is under more pressure in these games Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt? What events will the US surprise and disappoint in and much more.

We also talk about the weeks top stories including the Dez Bryant arrest, what Drew Brees $100 million dollar deal means for the New Orleans Saints, where does Penn State go from hear, and why in the world the New York Knicks let Jeremy Lin walk.

This and of course the usual as in the "Diss of the Week", "Guess that rant", the Sportaholic's classic bluster and tirades along with best in hip-hop and R&B.

So tune in from 5-7 PM CST on 107.1 WRFN Nashville or stream on

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sportaholic Radio Hour with Carlos Paige and Coach Bru 07/07 by Sportaholic | Blog Talk Radio

Sportaholic Radio Hour with Carlos Paige and Coach Bru 07/07 by Sportaholic | Blog Talk Radio

We're talking football this morning on the Sportaholic Radio Hour. Texans T Nate Menkin joins us and gives us the scoop on Houston and what to expect from them this upcoming season. We also speak with hottest player in Arena Football Tiger Jones. His numbers don't lie 171 catches, 2,232 yards, and 42 touchdowns on the season. And of course we touch on the wild first week of NBA free agency. We have great show lined up some just click the link at Noon central time to listen in. Call the number 646-716-4820 for your comments at questions.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Subscribe to the new Sportaholic Radio Itunes Podcast!

The Sportaholic Radio Show is now on Itunes! You can now catch all the great interviews and Sportaholic Radio Shows on 107.1 and also The Sportaholic Radio Hour with Coach Kirk Broussard by subscribing to the new Sportaholic podcast . So make sure to join in on the best underground sports show on the web by clicking the link above and subscribing! 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sportaholic Radio Hour with Coach Bru and Los Paige 6-30-12

Check us out as we speak with former IBF Featherweight champ Derrick Smoke Gainer and Ex-NBA marketer AJ Harris on the 2012 NBA draft 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sportaholic Show 06-27-12

In case you missed the Sportaholic Radio Show on 107.1 on Radio Free Nashville here your link to here it. We cover the 2012 NBA Draft with Hoopsworld Yannis Koutropis.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Big Show Wednesday: The Sportaholic Radio Show interviews Yannis Koutropis of on the 2012 NBA Draft

We have a great show this lined up this Wednesday on “The Sportaholic Radio Hour” as we talk 2012 NBA Draft with’s Yannis Koutropis. He is the Senior NBA & College Basketball Editor of one the best informed sites on the web.

Yannis Koutropis
He has interviewed some of the top names in the league including players Chris Paul, and Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry, and Demar Derozan just to name a few.  Koutropis also has spoken with some of the most respected top league execs from Los Angeles Clippers Head Coach Vinny Del Negro, Sacramento Kings long time GM Geoff Petrie, and current Minnesota T’wolves GM David Kahn.

He will bring a wealth of NBA knowledge to “The Sportaholic Radio Show” about the 2012 NBA draft as well as the latest in NBA rumors from Anthony Davis to the Deron Williams. So make sure to join us this Wednesday as Yannis joins us live from NBA draft in New York.
Check out his 2012 NBA mock draft:

Don’t miss this show (Wednesday from 5-7 P.M.) if you want the latest info on 2012 NBA draft!

Yannis Koutropis inteview with Milwaukee Bucks PG Brandon Jennings

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Join Me On The Sportaholic Radio Show Tomorrow 06/20/12

Join me on “The Sportaholic Radio Show” on 107.1 WFRN Nashville as we recap Game 4 of the NBA Finals with ex-NBA marketer and creator of Bluedude Sports AJ Harris. He brings his expert analysis on to break down what he saw in the Finals.

Also we hit on the hottest topics in the sports world including the retirement of Landanilan Tomlinson ( Is he in the top 5 running back of all-time?),  Roger Clemens beating the feds, Jared Sullinger’s falling draft stock, we tackle the Addidas Shackle shoe controversy, and the never ending New Orleans Saints bounty saga.  And of course the regular segments with the “Diss of the week and the crazy but true sports story of the week as well.

This with all the latest hits you won’t hear on your regular radio so you don’t want to miss this one. Tune in to 107.1 in Nashville and for those outside the listening range you can stream live at!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Introducing "The Sportaholic Radio Hour with Carlos Paige and Coach Kirk Broussard

 Kirk Broussard
Carlos Paige

The Sportaholic Radio Hour with Carlos Paige and Coach Kirk Broussard:

Sports Radio new dynamic duo: Radio personality Carlos Paige and Coach Kirk Broussard team up to bring you the Sportaholic Radio Hour

Two fresh voices in the world of sports radio, Coach Broussard and “The Sportaholic”, intend to bring the radio waves a much needed jolt of energy to internet sports radio talk.

Radio personality Carlos Paige and Coach Kirk Broussard are uniting to create an exciting new show on blog talk radio titled “The Sportaholic Hour”. The collaboration comes together after a unique relationship was formed between Paige and Broussard. The two grew tired of the same mundane and stale sports radio personalities and decided that it was time for a fresh new voice in the realm of sports radio.

Carlos Paige, serving as host, is also affectionately known as “The Sportaholic” and hosts his own sports radio segment titled the Sportaholic show on 107.1 WRFN in Nashville, TN. His experience includes production assistant for 102.5 The Game in Nashville, TN, hosting “The Sportaholic Show” on and sports editor for

Kirk Broussard will serve as analyst on Sportaholic Radio. Broussard is one of Pro and College football’s bright young coaching minds and will be joining Sportaholic Radio as an expert analyst this year. Coach Broussard most recently served as Associate General Manager for the West Texas Roughnecks Professional Arena/Indoor Football team.

This will be the preeminent sports radio show on the internet. Coach Broussard’s intricate knowledge of the game, combined with Paige’s quick witted humor and outspoken style, will combine to make for one of most original sports radio shows on the air.

For more information about this new exciting venture please contact either Carlos Paige or Coach Kirk Broussard by email at

Facebook: Coach Kirk Broussard,

Sportaholic Sports Page

Twitter: @KirkBroussard and @Losoworld2112

The Inaugural Sportaholic Show on 107.1 WFRN:

The Inaugural Sportaholic Show on 107.1 WFRN:

The Sportaholic Show has a new destination and sound as it has migrated to WFRN Radio Free Nashville. Carlos Paige, also affectionately known as “The Sportaholic, is serving as host once again in this exciting new venture. The show itself was formed in September of 2011 and featured on internet radio but has found a new home on 107.1 WFRN every Wednesday evening from 5-7 P.M.  Paige’s experience includes production assistant for 102.5 The Game in Nashville, TN, and sports editor for 

 Radio personality Carlos Paige

Paige is a native of Nashville, TN and attended Tennessee State University. He covers the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, and multiple college teams in his native of Nashville. He also appears in numerous publications across the country and has his own blog at
The new Sportaholic show will feature new guests from all over the country. It will also continue its trademarks including “The Diss of the Week” and featuring local Nashville artist music.

Coach Kirk Broussard

This week show we interview Coach Kirk Broussard former interim coach for the Minnesota Vikings. He drops knowledge on the upcoming NFL season and predicts his surprise team in the AFC and NFC.

And of course we will recap the first game of the NBA finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat. Can Lebron finally deliver on his title promises to Miami or will the young guns of OKC led by the versatile Kevin Durant take the championship? You won’t want to miss what I have to say about this series.  What about the controversial decision in the Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley fight? We will take you calls and get your opinions on this highly contested subject as well.

All this and much more on the inaugural Sportaholic show this Wednesday 5-7 P.M. on 107.1 Radio Free Nashville. Don’t miss out on the first of many great shows.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tennessee Titans roster all but set for 2012 season

Zach Brown
Kendall Wright
Now that free agency (including an extended run at Peyton Manning) and the 2012 NFL draft has come and gone, it’s time to for the Titans to get an up close and personal with their new personnel. Rookie min-camp is set to start on May 11th with OTA coming on May 30th.  The Titans needed to address both sides of the ball this off-season and have added pieces to both. The Titans went with sizzle in the first round of the draft selecting the Baylor Bears and former RG3’s top target in wide out Kendall Wright. Many pundits disliked the pick as it was thought the Titans would go after a defensive player. However, Wright has the chance to be big time play maker that can stretch the field and gives Jake Locker yet another target for future years. Yes he doesn’t have blazing speed but he makes up for that as a shifty and quick player, which is what you want in your slot receiver. Tennessee then turned its attention to the defense as they used their next three picks on that side of the ball. Second round draft pick Zach Brown of North Carolina will give DC Jerry Gray’s defense an element of speed as Brown registered the fastest forty time of all LBs in this year’s draft. He has been questioned about his football instincts and passive demeanor but it appears the Titans can live with that. With that being said both picks should come in and immediately come in and compete for playing time as they both fit a need for this team. Third round pick Mike Martin from Michigan should also get a chance for early playing time with his high motor and relentlessness on the pass rush.

Steve Hutchinson
Kamerion Wimbley
In free agency, the Titans made two splashes and then went about signing their own. The splashes include former All-Pro guard Steve Hutchinson from Minnesota. Not a surprising move as Head Coach Mike Munchak has said this off-season that h wanted to make some upgrades to the offensive line. It remains to be seen if Hutchinson can regain his form as he is coming off a concussion that caused him to miss the final two games of the 2011 season. Tennessee’s other key signing was pass rushing specialist Kamerion Wimbley formerly of the Oakland Raiders. The Titans plan to plug him in at defensive end instead outside LB as he has played his entire career in the NFL. The Hutchinson signing should give the Titans an considerable upgrade over guard Jake Scott the Titans let walk via free agency. He should open up a few lanes for Chris Johnson and hopefully get him back on track after a subpar 2011 season. In Wimbley they get a feared pass rusher who had 11 sacks as a rookie and should provide a much needed dose of explosion on the end of the defensive line. In signing their own, The Titans franchised safety Michael Griffin who so far has had a mixed career with Tennessee. His numbers last season were down across the board as he went from 108 tackles in 2010 to 78 in 2011 and from 4 ints to 2 in the same span. Tennessee also brought back safety Jordan Babineaux who proved to be a worthy replacement for Chris Hope. Tennessee lastly resigned special teams captain Tim Shaw, WR Lavelle Hawkins, Tackle Michael Otto,  DE Dave Ball, and TE Craig Stevens.

The Titans have to make up for the loss of CB Cortland Finnegan who was one of the key members the defense over the past few years. Finnegan joined former coach Jeff Fisher in St. Louis and leaves a void in the Titans secondary. They are counting on Jason McCourty and Alterraun Verner to pick up the slack for his loss. The Titans also drafted another speedster in CB Coty Sensabaugh of Clemson who ran a sub 4.4 at the rookie combine.

In summary, there will be a lot of new faces when the Titans open up mini-camp on May 30th. They have added pieces in the draft and free agency that should push a 9-7 team that was one game out of the playoffs to be even better. The additions of Steve Hutchinson, Kamerion Wimbley, along with rookies Kendall Wright and Zach Brown give them four new potential starters.  They could still possibly add more players in the waning days of free agency and also undrafted rookies they bring into camp. They have bolstered the speed department on the defense and have a couple of new toys on offense. The team is all but set but it remains to be seen how much this 2012 edition of the Tennessee Titans roster will look on his its first game of the season against the New England Patriots on Sept 9th

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sportaholic 2012 Final Four Round-Table Debate

After a tumultuous three weeks of the NCAA tourney, the Final Four has finally been cast for New Orleans. We have an overwhelming favorite in the Kentucky Wildcats, a hot team riding a wave of momentum in Louisville, a solid and consistent team in Ohio State, and last but not least a tough and rugged Kansas team. Every one of these teams have at least one championship under their belt so for the most part you can say this is a blue-blood rich national semi-final. The four finalists have combined for an astonishing 49 Final Four appearances and 14 National Championships. Ohio State has the longest drought in the championship department as they won their one and only championship in 1960 led by the great John Lucas. Kansas was the last of the teams to win a ring in 2008 which by Jayhawks fans is probably an eternity.

This makes for interesting blend of storylines as both of the match ups feature rematches from earlier in the season. Kentucky defeated Louisville Dec. 31st 69-62 and score isn’t really indicative of how much the Wildcats dominated that game. Kansas took down a Jared Sullinger-less Ohio State team 78-67 back on December 10th. You can throw all that out the window though as the previous battles mean absolutely nothing more than each team knows what the other team likes to do. Kentucky and Louisville have been playing each other since 1912 so I doubt there are any secrets either can hide from each other at this point.

So with it all down to this, the Sportaholic team has decided to tackle the Final Four with a good old fashioned round-table debate. We have our regular contributors in Carlos Paige, Michael Williams, Quawn Dowell and Taylor Cannon but we also are shaking things up by welcoming new Sportaholic contributor Latoya Walton and (of the Memphis Tigers) Adam Douglas in as well.

1. Is it Kentucky against the field at this point?

Carlos Paige Sportaholic Blog Editor and host of Sportaholic Radio Show: Well let’s just say if I were a betting man I would definitely put my money on the Wildcats. They have just steam rolled opponents in the tournament averaging a margin of victory of over 21 points. That’s historic domination. They have the most talented team and the tournament has only made it more evident. John Callapari can’t even screw this one up with his sketchy X’s and O’s so yeah I think this Final Four is basically Kentucky and everybody else.

Adam Douglas of Tigersportsreport:com: I believe it is Kentucky against everyone else. They are just head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. Point blank period.

Michael Williams: Sportaholic blog contributor: I believe it is. I don't think that they will have any trouble handling Louisville and frankly I don't see Ohio State contending with them. My underdog is Kansas. Thomas Robinson looks like a man amongst boys whenever he hits the court and you just gotta root and love for the guy who had everything go wrong for him last season with the unexpected deaths of his grandparents and mother in a span of 30 days.

Latoya Walton: Sportaholic blog contributor: Yes it pretty much seems its Kentucky against the field at this point. In my opinion it’s been this way since the tournament started. No team in the tournament feels they can play with them or beat them everyone is intimidated so it’s us vs. them. The talent on Kentucky’s team is like no other team in the tournament so it’s easy to love to hate them so for me being a Kentucky fan and having to argue with people on a daily basis about their talent it’s pretty safe to say its UK vs. the nation!

Taylor Cannon Sportaholic blog contributor: Yes, Louisville has come off very strong winning the Big East Tournament and just playing well if not inspired ball throughout the tournament. Plus don’t rule out KU who can play tough defense. Coach Calipari has not been able to close the deal either UMASS or Memphis

2. Which Final Four coach would you choose to lead your team and why?

Carlos Paige: I’m taking Rick Pitino because of all the teams left his has less talent then all of them. He has done a masterful job of getting the most out of a team that was left for dead after a three game skid in February. He was able to get the most out rail thin center turned dominate center Gorgui Dieng and also was able to corral lighting quick guard Peyton Siva. This may be Pitino greatest ever coaching job.

Adam Douglas: The only coach I trust THE most is Rick Pitino. His track record of taking unproven teams all the way to the top is impeccable. Right now, Pitino has this Louisville team peaking at the right time and it's a shame that it's not Kentucky/Louisville for the Championship on Monday

Michael Williams: Bill Self - Dickie V once told Self not to take the Kansas job because he wouldn't be able to live up to Roy Williams. Look at what he's done now. Who pictured Kansas in the Final Four at the beginning of the season? It's too easy to say John Calipari because look at the immense amount of talent he has on the court at any given time. Sure he's a great coach but if you don't have as stacked of a roster that Kentucky has I don't think they are in the position they are in now.

Latoya Walton: I would choose Callapari to coach my team. Why you ask? It’s because he accepts nothing but excellence. If you were watching them play Baylor the other night the commentators said “How do you get 4 freshmen to play almost mistake free for an entire season?” You practice and preach excellence and it becomes habit. Not many coaches can get a group of freshman to play that mentally tough I don’t care how much talent they have. He still has control of the locker room 'obviously'. No coach left would be more deserving to cut down the nets than Callapari.

Taylor Cannon: Rick Pitino, He has won it once before and right now is just full of energy and the players seem to feed off of that. He seems to be relaxed and having fun with the guys.


3. Which impact post player in Jared Sullinger of Ohio State, Thomas Robinson of Kansas, Gorgui Dieng of Louisville, or Anthony Davis of Kentucky will have the biggest impact for their team?

Carlos Paige: The easy answer here would be Anthony Davis with the season he is having but I’m going will Jared Sullinger. He is the main offensive threat for the Buckeyes and his play could set the tone early against a rugged Jayhawks team. Sully’s stock has tumbled a bit this year with his injuries and also the excellent play of the other post players named in this column, so if there was ever a time for him to make his presence known, now would be that time. I look for Sullinger to bring his A game

Adam Douglas: This question was really asked? No doubt Anthony Davis is the biggest impact. I don't think the Wildcats can win without him, therefore he will be the biggest impact to his team.

Michael Williams: Thomas Robinson - See Above - Man amongst boys and a hands down unanimous All-American which hasn't been done since Blake Griffin.

Latoya Walton: Anthony Davis is the post player to have the biggest impact for his team, in my opinion. He’s a Naismith candidate as a freshman. Even if he’s not scoring he is still blocking shots and getting rebounds. He’s a special player. His wingspan and defense is amazing. He broke Kentucky’s all time block record in like 20 games. Who does stuff like that? It took someone 4 years to get that record he broke it in half a season. I’m not saying we can’t play with out Davis. But when he’s in the game He pretty much seals the deal. His presence is an intimidation. He’s a special kid and i feel without him Kentucky wouldn’t have made it this far.

Taylor Cannon: Dieng, If Louisville is to pull the upset Mr. Dieng has to have a huge game on defense and play an important part in rebounding (offensive ones and defensive ones)

4. Which team has the most to gain from winning the championship?

Carlos Paige: Even though Ohio State hasn’t won a championship in 5 decades, I believe Kentucky should be the choice here. The Wildcats haven’t won since 1998, which problem seems like 5 decades as well to the rabid fan base. Their facing the annual mass exodus at the end of the season as always under Callapari with Anthony Davis, Terrance Jones, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist all expecting to leave for the draft. This may be Cal’s best team ever so if he doesn’t pull this out I don’t if he ever will

Adam Douglas: It is clearly John Calipari. After all he has been through between the Memphis debacle and being so close the last 5-7 years, the NCAA championship has clearly eluded him -- and he wants one bad to validate all the talent he brings in year in and year out.

Michael Williams: Definitely Louisville, this would give their recruiting a huge boost and help Rick Pitino solidify his legacy. They are the complete underdog team and everyone would love to see David take down Goliath.

Latoya Walton: Kentucky has the most to gain from this national championship. The whole country thinks we choke in the national championship games its time for them Kentucky boys to just finish. I feel this crew Callapari has is the best team he has had others disagree. But Kentucky and Callapari will no longer be known as the choke team if we win it all so we have the most to gain. Getting to the national championship game isn’t good enough anymore nobody remembers second place. We will win full respect once we cut down the nets.

Taylor Cannon: Louisville, they beat their in state rival, won not only the best basketball playing conference (Big East) and to win the national championship as a 4th seed can somebody say WOW.

5. How do you think the media will handle the Kentucky-Louisville and Callapari-Pitino Rivalry?

Carlos Paige: Well I have family in Louisville and let’s just say this is basketball Armageddon in the commonwealth. Every state has its trademark and the state of Kentucky and basketball share a love affair that borders insanity. Louisville is considered the big city where the hipsters live while the rest of Kentucky is dedicated to the rural population .They live, eat, and breathe it there so the media really can’t make this match up any bigger than it already is there. Throw in the lighter fluid of Pitino being the former UK coach and his sacrilege of coaching the arch enemy Cardinals and you all the makings of an intense pressure packed game. For the first time since 1962 when Cincinnati faced off against Ohio State, we have an in-state match of Final Four teams. As for Cal and Pitino, those guys are so much alike it only right that they don’t like each other. The two were actually good friends at one time and Pitino even helped Cal get hired at UMass but that’s where the pleasantries ended. The state is a fever pitch and all kind of deep fried hell should break loose in Kentucky once tip off begins in this one. The only thing that could make this bigger than it is would be if these two met in the National Championship.

Adam Douglas: Bananas. Simply bananas. It has already gotten out of hand.

Michael Williams: I think they will take it to its extent. Not too far because let's be real here this isn't Tim Tebow we're talking about! It's an interstate battle that hasn't happened in quite a long time and of course people are going to talk about it. I'm just hoping that the game isn't a blow out and that we can talk about how good of a game was played instead of anything else.

Latoya Walton: The media is all ready in love with the Kentucky-Louisville match-up. And it’s great for the state of Kentucky. Callapari vs. Pitino it doesn’t get any better than this. I wish it was the national championship because I feel that those are the best two coaches in the final four.

Taylor Cannon: So far they have handled it well, but look for it to heat up as the week drags on.

6. Which battle of the blocks are your most interested in seeing the most:

Carlos Paige: Jared Sullinger vs. Thomas Robinson or Gorgui Dieng vs. Anthony Davis? I’m so excited to see the Sully vs. T-Rob dual because both guys play so hard. This will be a grown man party that will feature some tough physical play. Both players are the tone setters for their respective teams so whoever wins this battle down low should determine who wins that game in my opinion.

Adam Douglas: Davis vs. Dieng will be more entertaining because those two are certified shot blockers. I just don't think Robinson and Sullinger are those types of shot blockers.

Michael Williams: Sullinger vs. Robinson - Sullinger has kind of been floating out too far on the wing this year but I think this is going to be an excellent battle. I truly think that Kansas wins the game because Robinson is able to dominate the key and the boards

Latoya Walton: I feel Sullinger vs. Robinson is the more interesting match up. Davis is going to have a field day with Dieng so that’s irrelevant. But ever since I first seen Robinson and Sullinger play I said to myself they play almost exactly alike its scary how similar in play they are. This is going to be the best match up of bigs in the entire tournament.

Taylor Cannon: Dieng vs. Davis, I guess this is an instate rivalry this could turn out to be an intangible match-up cause Davis got hurt in the Baylor game so how hard is he going to go and is Louisville going to penetrate the middle and test Davis or is UK going to test Louisville in the middle

7. Who wins the championship and why?

Carlos Paige: Again for the all the reasons I named above it has to be the Kentucky Wildcats. They are just so talented across the board that’s its hard for teams to just stay in the game against them. They are ranked in the top five in offensive and defensive efficiency. They have beaten every team they’ve faced in the tourney by at least 12 points. And to top everything off they have the best player in the country in Anthony “I’ll cut my unibrow when I want to” Davis. This is year Cal finally joins the ring club and Wildcats fans can put an end t the 14 year drought as they should cut the nets down in the Big Easy.

Adam Douglas: This year's championship is Kentucky's to lose. Like I said in the first question, they are just better than the rest of the field. The only team that can beat KY is themselves.

Michael Williams: Kentucky - Through and through they have the best roster and are the best basketball team in the tourney. But hear me out on any given day any team can get hot and beat any team. Here's hoping we have an excellent championship game!

Latoya Walton: KENTUCKY WILDCATS will cut down the nets!!!! Nobody left in the tournament can play with these boys. I said they would win it all from the first game i seen them play it shocked me to see a young college team that complete. They do it all they play offense and defense. They have the purest shooting and best shooting guards in the nation. They have the best front line in the nation and the best 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 in the nation. These boys are unselfish. They all averaged 25 point in high school but yet the trust their teammates enough not to always take the shot. They pretty much score when ever they want. They do it all 30-1 in the regular season. And the one loss was at the buzzer. They play 7 players and everybody knows their role and plays their role well. No one of the team tries to over do it. Anthony Davis is the star player yet he takes the 5th least amount of shots on the team. Any other Naismith candidate leads their team in shots taken. Pretty much they are athletic, unselfish, great shooters, and smart, the most complete team and no way in blank that Louisville or anyone left could send them home

Taylor Cannon: I’m going to go either Louisville or Ohio State, because both these teams are playing with energy and energetic coaches

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Has Mike Wallace played his last game as a Pittsburgh Steeler

By Michael Williams

The biggest story coming out of Pittsburgh is the status of restricted free agent Mike Wallace.  Wallace who just completed his third year with the Steelers by way of Ole Miss has been tendered by the Steelers with a 1st round tender, the highest in which a team can give to a restricted free agent. 

Much of the news surrounding Mike Wallace was leaked yesterday when it is rumored that the 49ers were scared away by what Wallace wants money wise in return for his services.  Wallace who is coming off a season in which he saw his numbers dip in the second half is supposedly asking for Larry Fitzgerald type money.  If you don't exactly know what Fitz makes, picture about 120 million dollars.  

Don't get me wrong Mike Wallace is a great wide receiver and should continue to grow but he is no where close to the play maker Larry Fitzgerald is.  Fitz and Calvin Johnson AKA Megatron are the two most dominant receivers in the league head and shoulders, possibly even a full torso above Mike Wallace.  Wallace who caught 72 balls for 1,200 yards and 8 touchdowns saw a decrease in productivity towards the end of the season with Antonio Brown stepping into the lime light.  I would like to think that a reasonable figure for Wallace to be paid would be what Desean Jackson was just given.  I think that a five to six year deal worth 55-60 million would suffice for the type of services that Mike Wallace brings to the table.  One thing I know for a fact, if Wallace's demands for money does not come down he will not be a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers come 2013

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We also bring on former Minnesota Vikings interim coach and current coach of the West Texas Roughnecks Kirk Broussard in to talk the latest in the soap opera that is the NFL. We pick his brain on the Peyton Manning to Broncos signing, the Tim Tebow to the New York Jets trade and the shocking New Orleans Saints bounty gate saga.

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