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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So who is your QB?

Usually this time of the year most of the QB controversies are settled, but not so much this year. A number of teams are making decisions based on a number of different factors. Let’s take a look at the most interesting of the bunch

Philadelphia Eagles - Michael Vick looks to start a new regime under Andy Reid. This is probably the most contradictory situation of them all. Andy Reid stated emphatically that Kevin Kolb was his guy. It makes sense because of all the cards Philly had stacked in him (you know the whole Donovan McNabb trade thing and signing Kolb to a one year 12.25 million dollar contract), but after two pre dog incident performances by Vick has made Reid re-evaluate his position. This is shocking coming from a coach and organization that usually sticks to it guns. I most definitely agree with the move. The Eagles offensive line has been putrid and adding the speed and athleticism with Vick provides them with a relief policy. He looks much more comfortable in the pocket and throwing passes. His numbers are to good to not start: 105.5 rating, 7.9 YPA, 63.8 percent completions. He's thrown three touchdown passes without a pick and he's scrambled for 140 yards. From the looks of it, the team has faith in Vick. Jason Avant, was quoted as saying that "He moves the offense." The Kevin Kolb era could be over before it ever got off the ground. When you have a former superstar playing like his former self, how can you not start him? If the move pays off, you have a top 10 QB in terms of production, if it doesn't you can always go back to Kolb. So much for that dog fighting thing huh

Tennessee Titans- Ok, with me being from Nashville, I have a deeper understanding of  this one in a number of ways. For starters, Vince Young will start next week which is no surprise. What most people are saying in Nashville is that, does Jeff Fisher have faith in him? In last weeks lost to the Steelers, VY was benched in favor of Kerry Collins after a first half performance where none of Young's passes touched the ground. He went 6 of 8, with the other two passes being intercepted by Pittsburgh. The thought here is that I don't care if Joe Montana, Peyton Manning or Dan Marino was the quarterback; Pittsburgh D was going to hit them. It just didn't matter; the defense just had the offense's number that game. To me personally, I am starting to think Coach Fisher has doubt in Vince's abilities. The other argument on this is that Fisher was trying to protect his quarterback. Everyone knows what happened last time Young got booed at LP field, and let’s just say it wasn't pretty (the whole suicide thing). And maybe Fisher was trying not to let Vince's confidence get to low against one of the best defenses he will see all year. This very well may be the case, but it would be nice to see if Fisher just let Young be a man and play that one out. It’s just like if you have a son. It comes a point where you have to let your child grow up and be a man. We all have to take our stripes and make the best out of it sometimes. This is how you grow as a person and player. I will say that Collins came off the bench and provided a touchdown pass but he also threw an interception. I will also say I remember the great Steve McNair and the amount of faith that coach Fisher had in him. McNair could be on one leg and practice not once all week but come Sunday he was in the game. Fisher never waned on his support of him, even when questions were raised about his durability and his back ups Neil O’Donnell and Billy Volek putting up good numbers in his absence. Vince Young also has to show improvement in his play or we will continue to play musical chairs in music city.

Buffalo Bills- Ryan Fitzpatrick in, Trent Edwards out and to sum this up quickly, it won't matter this team has number pick in next years draft written all over it.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Charlie Batch will get the start and as long as that fearsome defense performs the way it has been, you could throw Dick Vitale back there and they could win. Think about how scary this team will be when they get Big Ben back.

Oakland Raiders- see Buffalo

Top Ten Teams

1. New Orleans Saints- Until someone beats the champs, they will stay here

2. Houston Texans- One win by the ground and one by the air. Great offense

3. Pittsburgh Steelers - If you don't like their defense, you don't like football

4. Chicago Bears - Who said the Cutler-Martz offense wouldn't work?

5. Green Bay Packers - They can throw it but can they run it with Grant out?

6. Miami - A hard nosed surprise team. They make it a three team race in AFC East.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - This will be as high as they ever get this year. Look for the downward spiral to begin.

8. Kansas City Chiefs - See above

9. New York Jets - Yes I have them here, they deserve it, after two tough opponents

10. Indianapolis Colts - As long as they have Peyton Manning, they will be in the top ten.

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