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Monday, September 20, 2010

NFL Three ups and Three downs

Three up and Three down

1.Jets – In what can be called a hectic week to say the least, The Jets came out and finally backed up some of the talking they have been doing all off season. The Jets were investigated by the NFL for the treatment of a female reporter at practice last weekend. Commissioner Roger Goodell ruled that the Jets’ conduct was unprofessional but there was no sexual harassment, and owner Woody Johnson apologized to TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz. Even with all of those things going on, something has to be said about the resolve of Mark Sanchez. He and offensive coordinator Brian Schottemheimer were just crucified by the unrelenting New York media this week, but both showed what they can do this week. Sanchez had career best game going 21-30 220 yards and 3 TDs. The defense just shut down the Pats and Tom Brady in the second half and ran the ball effectively sealing the victory. J-e-t-s Jets, Jets, Jets at least for this weekend.

2.Colts- How much can one week change your perception of a team? A week after getting physically handled on both sides of the ball, big brother Peyton turned this one into a laugher. This was over by the third quarter. The biggest difference was the discipline that both the offensive and defensive line showed in this game versus last week. Indianapolis even showed a run game, something that has been missing of late. Sometimes you need an early wake up call and that’s what the Texans gave the Colts in the first week.

3.Pittsburgh- Now this was Pittsburgh defense. They were aggressive, tough and just flat out mean. Troy Polamalu will be the unanimous defensive MVP this year if he keeps this pace up. I will give you two examples that show his versatility: 1. Vince Young drops back for a pass in the redzone and in what appeared to be an open pass over the middle, Polamalu jumps in and intercepts the pass killing the drive and momentum for the Titans. 2. On a Titans run on the goal line, Polamalu anticipated the snap and jumped over the line to make a tackle on Chris Johnson killing yet another opportunity the Titans had inside the 20. If the defense continues to play like this, they won’t miss Big Ben. They look like the best team in AFC north no matter who the QB is back there. It was Just a dominant performance to say the least.

1.Dallas- Being a fan of this team has to be so hard. Every year they are predicted to make some noise and especially this season with the Super Bowl being held in Jerry’s World better known Cowboys stadium. This just doesn’t look like a playoff team much less a Super Bowl contender. Wade Phillips seems to always have that “Aww Shucks” look on his face, Jason Garrett micro manages the offense, Tony Romo can’t make three good plays without making a mistake and the offensive line is still not right. And to top it off next week they face high flying Houston for the battle of Texas. If they lose that game and are 0-3 entering the bye week, look for big, big changes in Big D.

2.Giants- One New York team gets an up and another gets a down. The Giants turned in a dismal performance against the Colts. Forget about the Manning bowl as the media tried to hype this one, it more of the humiliating bowl with how the Colts just performed surgery on the Giants secondary. Peyton just shredded them to a tune of 20-26 255 yards and 3 TDs. The addition of Antrel Rolle and a healthy Kenny Phillips was thought to address this very issue. Eli wasn’t very good either with his three fumbles. To be honest with you I stopped watching this midway in the 3rd quarter, no point in wasting my time watching this.

3.Vikings- Point blank on this: Brett Favre looks old. There, I said it. Now with that said, all of the blame for there 0-2 start should not be blamed on him. The offense doesn’t look in sync. Favre’s favorite target from last year, Sidney Rice will be sidelined for at least another month and Percy Harvin continues to struggle with migraines. Adrian Peterson had a nice game running for 145 yards but besides him the offensive had no rhythm. Favre had 4 turnovers including some ugly passes that he should have never thrown. This is what you get with a 40 year old QB. As good as everything went last season, it doesn’t mean a damn thing the next year. It seems as if the Viks thought that they just recapture the glory and magic they had from 2009 and so far its not working. Will someone get Vicent Jackson agent on line 1 please.

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