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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday night recap

Ravens 10 Jets 9 - So all that talking for this Jets? I mean all off season all we here coming out of the coach and the players mouth is how they are going to the Super bowl. They had propped themselves up as the the second coming of the Broadway Joe's team. So when the lights were on and the cameras focused on them, they go out and lay a dude with the national spotlight on them Monday night. Mark Sanchez looks like a man on a mission to prevent the Jets from doing anything special this year. Sanchez completed less than half of his passes, totaling only 74 yards passing. Its not his entire fault, the play calling from Brian Schottenheimer looked anything but innovative. And To be fair as well credit must be given to the Ravens. The defense still is one of the hardest hitting in the league. They were harassing Sanchez all night and seemed to be in the backfield at will. I see why Ray Lewis landed that old spice swagger commercial. The hit he put receiver coming over the middle made me hurt. Joe Flacco had a decent night going 20/38 238 yards and an interception. At least he tried to pass the ball downfield. The Jets seemed content on running and taking field goals. If your goal is to reach the Super Bowl, than your offense better score points. The jury is still out those J-e-t-s ( I can't stand that stupid cheer), they face their arch rival in New England on a short week. Good win for the Ravens.

Chiefs 21 Chargers 14- Why do we have to go threw this every year with the Chargers? Its like a script from a bad reality show. Their motto has to be its not the way you start but the way you finish. Once again, just like the past few seasons the Chargers look anything but ready for the 1st game of the season. San Diego came out flat and let the young Chiefs gain their confidence. Jamal Charles made defenders look silly with his burst of speed for a touchdown run. Dexter McCluster broke a punt return for a 94 yard return and touchdown. The Chiefs have looked to upgrade at something that can't be taught, and that is speed. Between McCluster and Arenas the return game looks to be solid. Phillip Rivers was able to move the ball and finished 22/39 298 yards 2 TDs and a rating of 98.0. I thought the absence of Vincent Jackson was going to be evident but not so much. Rivers seems to have trust in WR Legedu Nannee who finished with 5 catches for 110 yards and a TD. The Chiefs pretty much dared anyone else to beat them in the pass game not named Antonio Gates, throwing double and sometimes triple coverage at him. Matt Cassel numbers wasn't impressive going 10/22 for 68 yards and a TD. Kansas City (or New England west as I call them, is it me or do they have like the entire Pats staff of a few years back on that team) looks like a young team on the rise.

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