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Friday, September 17, 2010

Finally Friday Edition 4

The New York Jets have been catching a lot of heat in the press for the treatment of reporter Ines Sainz, and probably for good reason. I have reason to believe this knowing how the Jets operate (If you seen hard knocks, you know what I mean) with their brash and bravado style all stemming from coach Rex Ryan. That was until I saw a picture of this woman. Just look at her:

She is freakin hot. Now seeing the picture of this beautiful woman, does it skew your view of way the players handled being interviewed by her? In no way am I saying that she should not be taken seriously, she is a credential holder of the New York Jets, but at the same time this is like putting a piece of meat in front of dogs. In some cases and most cases I should say, Men will be men. If they see an attractive woman, they are going to say things to her. She may not like some of the things they say, but she signed up for this profession. Now I am all about equal rights and all that stuff but this is different. The reason this has really never been issue before is that there are not many hot women reporters. I can think of a few (Hello, Erin Andrews call me) but can think of more average looking woman working the sidelines. Its the gift and the curse of being attractive, people are more into your looks than your brain. I know a few women reporters and from what I understand they feel they have to dress down in some cases to be taken seriously. Sainz dresses like she going to a club in south beach. So to wrap this up, If you act professional and dress in a business manner, it forces people to respect you and value your opinion. If you dress like Snooki from Jersey Shore you will get treated in that manner.

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