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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reggie Bush to forfeit the Heisman trophy

Reggie Bush, college football's best player of 2005, conceded the award today. USC has already taken the hardware from its record books and now looks like it will be erased indefinitely. This is a sad and landmark day for college football. This will be the first time that college's most prestigious trophy will be forfeited. After all the allegations that came out of the NCAA investigation, it looks like Bush did the right thing here. I don't think we should judge him in this case because he is now doing the right thing now. The question that remains to be seen is now how they will handle the situation this creates. If you are Vince Young (2nd in the Heisman voting that year) would you accept the trophy under these circumstances. I can guarantee you much more will be coming out on this story and I will post updates as soon as I get credible information on this case.

Editor's Note: In interview with The Tennessean this week Vince Young stated that he would like the trophy if it was presented to him

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