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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Observations

Randy Moss back to the Vikings? I couldn't fathom this when it first was reported, I mean what does this say about the Patriots season? If they take away Brady’s deep threat how will that affect Wes Welker’s underneath routes? Who will be the receiver to lift the top off the defense? Did Moss make Belicheck that mad? Is it that the organization just doesn’t want to pay the man? As you can see just a lot of questions on the New England side of this deal but as for Minnesota, how can you not love this deal? You would now have a legit downfield threat for Favre in the absence of Sidney Rice. If Favre and Moss could get on the same page early, this would be a great addition for the Vikings. The return of Rice would also create one on one nightmares for defenders. Anytime you can have a team that features Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre and Randy Moss than you should have a chance to win. I think that if this does happen and it will spark the Vikes into the playoffs.

Miami’s 3 Kings Debut: Lebron, D-wade, and Bosh saw their first action together last night in the demolishing of Detroit defeating the undermanned pistons squad 105-89. You can tell that they are still working out the kinks but even so they were dominant on both ends of the floor. The only draw back was Dwayne Wade pulling up lame with a hamstring injury but it should a minor thing. Lebron had 12 points in the first 12 minutes and finished with 18 for the game. After D-wade sustained his injury, the focal point of the offense quickly turned to James, who began to see time as the Heat’s point guard. Chris Bosh added 20 and Miami were never really challenged in the game. What I took most out of this one is how James seems to already have a control of this team. I don’t know maybe it was because Dwayne Wade was not playing after the injury but it looks as if it was Lebron’s team on the night. I am sure when Wade gets back it will be different. Chris Bosh was able to get anything he wanted from about 15 feet in and was able to clean up on missed baskets. One game into the preseason and this team still has a lot to figure out but it was a good start to the season for them besides the Wade injury.

What to watch today: Baseball Playoffs get under way

Rangers vs. Rays – Josh Hamilton comes back to his original team and will continue to haunt them with his play.

Yankees vs. Twins – Big city boys vs. Small market boys.

Reds vs. Phillies – How will the Reds fare against a murders row of pitching in Halladay, Hamels, and Oswalt. How will Dusty use his fireballer Chapman vs. the Phillies left hand heavy line up?

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