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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CSI: Nashville Edition

As reported by the Tennessean Jim Wyatt, Titans head coach Jeff Fisher was seen in Karma Lounge night club Friday night. Fisher was reportedly investigating the incident involving Kenny Britt this past weekend. He must have received a clearance from Karma’s staff due to the fact that Britt made it in the game early in the second quarter.

The funniest thing about the story is the time that Fisher was seen at the club, reportedly around 12 in the morning. Can you imagine listening to your favorite Rick Ross song and bumping into Jeff Fisher? It’s hard to imagine any other coach going to that length for his player’s let alone be in the club on a Friday night. This is just hilarious; I wonder if he dressed the part as well? This has to be a precedent for the first time a head coach attended a popular night club on the Friday night before the game. If anyone knows of any other coach who has done this before please let me know. No word if Fisher had any drinks while attending the club.

This also made me think which coach would look more ridiculous in a club? I was thinking maybe Bill Belicheck (He definitely would be in brawl of some type) or Andy Reid (Can you imagine him in an Adidas sweat suit break dancing)? I know two coaches I wouldn’t mind hitting the club with and that would be Rex Ryan or Mike Tomlin. Ryan looks like he would buy rounds for everyone and just pass out. I would hate to have to try and pick him up though. As for Tomlin, He would be the coolest guy in the room, with his signature shades and creased shirts.

Who do you think would be the coolest coach to go clubbing with?

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