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Monday, October 25, 2010

Brett Favre injured

The consecutive game streak may finally come to an end and not for the Jenn Sterger accusations. As reported by the Associated Press, Brett Favre has two broken bones in his left ankle and no word yet on if he will be able to play this Sunday vs. the Patriots. He was reportedly injured in the third quarter of the Vikings’ 28-24 loss to Green Bay on Sunday night at Lambeau Field.

Brad Childress, coach of the Minnesota Vikings confirmed the report and stated that Favre is wearing a protective boot, but has yet to rule out Favre, who's streak stands at 291 games started. Even without word from Childress can you honestly expect a 41 year old man with two broken bones to go play a NFL game? It sounds like old grey beard's body is finally succumbing to 20 years of carnage in the league. Favre already had off-season surgery to repair his left ankle and was taking injections for it before the season even started.

If this is the end of the streak, than its just a sad ending. I always said that Brett would regret coming back this season because it just be so hard to top the magic that he played with last year. When you couple this injury with the accusations and other off field distractions he has had this year, then I think we could all agree he wishes he would have just stayed on his farm in southern Mississippi with his wranglers on.

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