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Friday, October 8, 2010

Brett Favre caught showing his other gunslinger

 Just when you got over the Tiger ordeal, Brett Favre gets caught up in his own. According to Deadspin and various other outlets, Favre has been caught with his pants down literally. A former sideline reporter for the NY Jets named Jen Sterger has nude pictures and voice mails from the gray-beard legend. Although she has not spoken on record, she has off the record stated that Favre made advances toward her while he was with the Jets (So what do you call old man chasing younger woman? Not a cougar but a lion I guess). If you listen to the messages Favre left, it makes him sound a little audacious for a guy with an image to protect and not to mention a family at home. As far as the pictures goes who knows. What I do know is that he has semi return game to the team he played just one season with. What he doesn’t need is a last minute scandal to distract him from a very meaningful game to his team. The Vikings are 1-2 and just acquired Randy Moss and have enough to deal with already. Hopefully Favre can throw the wranglers on and just brush this one off, but then again we saw how Tiger’s little accident exploded. I just don’t get why these high profile athletes take the risk of someone finding out and just as easily the person who they are trusting to not say anything. Now that everyone is able to see his other gunslinger, maybe he has learned his lesson. I guarantee you some time soon another high profile athlete will get caught up in this same type of thing pretty soon.

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