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Thursday, October 21, 2010

How Loyal Are You To Your Team?

No question about it, I am a hard core Dallas Cowboy fan. Every since I began watching football on a regular basis, I loved my Cowboys. In the good years when we were a dynasty winning titles in 92,93, and 95 you couldn't tell me nothing about my team. We were on top and I didn't see an end to our reign anytime soon. The boys were prohibited favorites going into the next few season and then cracks in our empire began to show. A freak injury to Micheal Irvin in 1999 and in 2000 Lavar Arrington layed a career ending hit on Troy Aikman. Over the next few years we were in complete disarray. Emmitt Smith went to the Cardinals for a couple of unproductive seasons, (Are you freaking kidding me Emmitt?), we couldn't find a QB to save our life (remember Quincy Carter anyone) and the whole T.O bring your popcorn debacle.From those points until now, my team has struggled. If you had told me we entering the 2000s that we would not make the playoffs until 2003, I would have asked you what are you smoking on. If you had told me we wouldn't get another playoff win until 2009 I would just assumed that you were a Cowboy hater like most people. We have just been dismal here in the recent past but I still roll with Jerry Jones and all the punches involved with rooting for my team.

Going into this season, my boys were the favorite to win our division and a trendy Super Bowl pick. As of this moment we stand at 1-4 tied for last in the division and all I can say is wow. I get it everyday from my friends calling them the Cowgirls and instead of Tony Romo, he now is being called Tony Homo. It never stops and even when I'm at work my fellow co-workers find any way they can to bring up the 1-4 Cowboys. Good thing I can dish it out just as much as I can take it. And I just won't waiver in my faith in my team. A real fan is going to support his or her team no matter what. Every dynasty has to end one day and in those times when everything is going good it easy to be a fan. What I appreciate is the hardcore fans, who even when their team is on the skids they still represent for them. Even if my boys went 1-15 this year, I would be right there saying we will get em next season. Fair weather fans are in abundance these days, not to even mention the bandwagon jumpers. It says something about your character if you stand by your team even if they suck. I know a lot of people who call themselves fans and as soon as their respective team starts to do bad they jump right on to the hot team of the moment. If you do this then I tend not to trust you as a person because your true character shows that you do not have a reinforced base. Your team is your team. You have to stick with them threw thick and thin.

So what are you guys opinion? Do you know any bandwagon jumpers or only fair weathered fans? Are you loyal to your team no matter what? Tell me your stories


  1. I am a diehard Giants fan. And it's not easy. They don't always do their best but I've stuck by them since I went to my first game when I was just a kid. I bleed black and orange :)

  2. But you stuck by your team and now your are being rewarded for you loyalty. I hope the Giants beat the Phillies for all the long suffering San Fran fans out there, they deserve a championship.

  3. Being a Lions tough, let's just say that. But I'm chained to the bandwagon, even if it ain't got no wheels. If ever we rise out of the muck, it's going to be freakin' sweet. Thing is, I'm old enough to have become a Detroit Red Wings fan when they were the Lions of the NHL. I only had to suffer a couple of those really bad year before they started the transformation that has seen them before the best hockey franchise of the past 20 years. SO that gives me some hope for the Lions, that someday, it could happen.

  4. Hey ahtrap thanks for dropping in but you should have a lot of faith in your Lions I really think they are on the come up to great things. With Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Suh and Jahvid Best it's just a matter of time before they get it together. I know it has to be hard being a fan of them, you guys are the best for sticking with your team I love fan loyalty. And last thing, I can't even remember the Red Wings being bad, seems like they have been good every since i can remember.

  5. I hate bandwagon fans and frontrunners. Everyone has a friend who is a frontrunner. You know that guy who is a Lakers, Yankees and Steelers fan but who has never been to these cities or even left the state (MS is my case). I'm always like really? Are you serious? I like the previous poster who is a Lions fan. That's a true fan to claim a team that has been very bad recently. But I agree that they are headed in the right direction. They just need Stafford to stay healthy. Anyway, its been a good year for me. The Saints won the Superbowl and the Rangers just made the World Series.