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Thursday, October 14, 2010

College Football Weekend Setup

Week 7 in college football is upon us, and after a topsy turvy week 6 things are getting interesting now. With top ranked Alabama going down, it has opened the door for other teams to get into the national championship. The most benefiting will be the non AQ schools Boise State and TCU. It’s a shame because Bama just had an off day. Even with the lost, if you gave me the Crimson Tide on a neutral field against any team in country, I would still take Bama. And now to the weekend’s best games and upset special’s.

Ohio State vs. Wisconsin – This is the game of the year so far in the Big Ten. Ohio State has not been really tested so far this year playing the likes of Marshall, University of Ohio, Eastern Michigan and Illinois. That schedule is not scaring anyone. The Buckeyes do have enough talent to make it to the National Championship but they only will go as far as Terelle Pryor will take them and so far this year that has been a very good place. The Badgers come in to this game knowing that for them to have any shot at the Rose Bowl or better they will have to win this game with the one loss they already have courtesy of Sparty. This will be a slugfest featuring the Badgers power run game led by John Clay vs. the electric Pryor and his plethora of options for the Buckeyes. The Pick: Ohio State

Arkansas vs. Auburn – The SEC showdown of the week features two SEC west teams vying for a claim to the SEC west title. Auburn, the beneficiaries of Bama’s stumble in Columbia, has the inside track to the division. They must first deal with a Razorback team with Ryan Mallet at the helm. He is a proven leader and has to attest the bad performance down the stretch against Alabama wasn’t the best he has to offer. The Tigers have been a pleasant surprise to most and seem to rolling on all cylinders. The play of Cam Newton has brought a sort on energy and swagger to this team. I just don’t see any answers for him in Arkansas’s defense. The Pick: Auburn

Texas vs. Nebraska – It’s hard to get a good read on the Longhorns. One week they are flat getting run over by UCLA and the next week they are playing Oklahoma to the last down. I think this is exactly what they are, an inconsistent team that will have its good and bad games. This is what happens when you don’t have a reliable run game; teams can just worry about your passing. Garrett Gilbert can only be expected to do so much with so little. I don’t see the athletes at Texas that they’ve had in years past. The Huskers will present a big challenge because they run the ball so effectively. Taylor Martinez will run wild on you if you let him and so far every team he has faced has. Martinez also has a better than advertised arm, so if you do go for one of those play-action fakes he will burn you over the top. The Blackshirts of yester year are also back. The defense is loaded and don’t think that Nebraska has forgot what happen last year in the Big 12 championship game. If you don’t believe me just go to there website, they have been waiting on this one since the clock stopped in that game. Bo Pellini will have that motivation for his boys on his side. The Pick: Nebraska

Game of the Week – Ohio State vs. Wisconsin: Can Ohio State beat up on Wisconsin the way it has on all its other opponents?

Most Intriguing game- Iowa vs. Michigan: Can Denard Robinson bounce back from a sub par game and can Iowa avenge its first lost of the season?

Rivalry Game of the week- Cal vs. USC: Who needs this win more Lane Kiffin or Jeff Tedford?

Under the radar game- Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech: Ok State is undefeated but hasn’t really played a good team yet.

Coach better get it right game- North Carolina vs. Virginia: Amid all the allegations involving his program, Butch Davis has a lot of explaining to do but if he wins and continues to win the chatter may simmer down a bit.

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