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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Read: Confessions of a Sport Agent

This is a must read, it will open your mind to the deceptive side of college athletics. Josh Luchs, a former NFL agent gives you the juicy details about how agents get down in their profession. He names big time players and some recognizable NFL players including Ryan Leaf, Santonio Holmes, Dustin Keller and Jonathon Ogden. It puts a spin on the notion of all agents being bad and just handing money to players. From what Luchs was saying in the article was that a lot of the players took money and even schemed him out of money. He says everyone has their hand out including parents. One good thing about the story is that some players did refuse his money including Dana Stubblefield and Keyshawn Johnson (Of all the players who did, Johnson was the one I thought would take it). Luchs even goes in to detail about how Mel "The hair" Kiper made pre-arranged calls in favor of top agents (Always knew that guy was a creep). I have always been in favor of players getting paid anyway because the endless amounts of money they generate for big time programs. This should not come as a surprise to most. I know a few players in the SEC from around my way and I here all kind of stories of boosters walking up to them and handing them money or a coach asking them to do little chores in return they get paid off pretty good. As we can see from the Reggie Bush saga and all of the allegations being enforced all over the nation this year, like the NCAA is now trying to care right? Great read if you haven't had a chance to read it, here is the link

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