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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday Musings

So the NFL wants to put the hammer down on those on are doing the hammering all of a sudden. I won't go into all the details like I did on yesterday's post ( but I guess I can sympathize a small bit seeing as how guys were dropping like flies this weekend but it does seem premature to just all of a sudden make a mid season rule change. Another funny part of the story is that none of the guys: James Harrison, Brandon Merritweather, or Dunta Robinson got suspended. They all were fined but not suspended. That's the way you enforce your rules Goddell, hopefully next time someone actually gets suspended.

MLB Playoffs

What ever happened to that Yankee mystique? The Rangers are just humiliating the Bronx bombers and doing it the way the Yanks usually do with home run bashes. I was under the impression that the game 1 meltdown was going to lead to an inevitability for the Rangers. Lance "Fat Elvis" Berkman even went as far as saying that the bullpen pitchers looked scared, so much for that huh? No doubt the Rangers pitching has been great but I am just as impressed with their hitting. Taking a look at Texas's lineup it shouldn't come as a surprise. Josh Hamilton is a MVP candidate, Vlad Gurrerro is a future HOF, Micheal Young is consistently is the top of league in batting average and Nelson Cruz can hit the ball as far as anyone I've seen. I look for them to make it to the world series with C.J Wilson on the mound. What a story for Nolan Ryan's bankrupt bunch

They do a little pitching in the Bay too - The way the media was all over the newly minted H2O pitching trio of Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt you would have thought it was no chance for the Giants to win the series. What was forgotten is that San Fran has pretty damn good rotation themselves. The likes of Lincecum, Sanchez, Cain, and even rookie Madison Bumgarner has to be as solid as a four man rotation as there is. Lincecum may get all the praise but the other guys have all held their own against a very dangerous Philly line up. And when you add the hot bat of Cody Ross and some timely hitting from the other Giants hitter, you have a team capable of beating anyone. Now Philly has to turn to Joe Blanton ( The last guy they want on the mound) to rescue their season. May be to little to late.


  1. Don't forget about Wilson, he's one of the best closing pitchers out there!

  2. Good point Yeah Wilson is underrated, He is a Great closer

  3. No one takes him serious because he's so quirky off the field, just look at the Beard! haha