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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pennant Power Rankings

Now that Cliff Lee has disposed the Tampa Bay Rays, here are my power rankings for the remaining team:

1.Philadelphia Phillies - Anytime you throw Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamels (Aka H2O) on consecutive days the odds are you going to win those games, especially the way these guys are going. Halladay coming off his no-hit bid, Oswalt pitching strong in his 5 innings of work vs. the Reds and Hamels complete game 5- hit shut out these guys have been lights out. When you combine that pitching with their potent offense led by Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, you have everything you need to hoist the trophy.

2.Texas Rangers - Lee gives them a dominant pitcher at the top of their rotation and maybe not a better one in recent memory. The win last night made Lee an impressive 6-0 in his October starts. The other parts of the rotation are good enough with C.J Wilson ( Mini Cliff Lee) and Tommy Hunter. I really like their lineup with the power they have from top to bottom. The key for them I think is to get the quality pitching behind Lee and also get Josh Hamilton going and they could be the most dangerous team in the field.

3. New York Yankees - This seems like a ho-hum year for the Yanks. Yes they did sweep the Twins, but don't they always? They will truly be tested in ALCS vs. the Rangers who are not scared of the pinstripes. C.C Sabathia has to control the first game and hopefully get some help along the way from Petitte and Phil Hughes. The lineup will be fine, just to many good hitters to keep down. If Lance Berkman can continue to swing the hot bat from the eight spot in the lineup than he could make this team very hard to beat.

4. San Francisco Giants - It is amazing what good pitching and timely hitting can lead to and in this case its a chance for the National league pennant for the Giants. The rotation showcases Tim "the freak" Lincecum, Matt Cain, and one time no-hitter pitcher Jonathon Sanchez. I can't wait to see Halladay and Lincecum go at it, now that Lincecum seems to have found his stuff again, and these two have three Cy Young's among them. The lineup is not as potent as the rest of the teams in the field and this why I have them last. Cody Ross was a revelation in the last series lets see if he can keep it up. Pablo Sandoval or Kung Fu Panda where are you?

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