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Friday, August 27, 2010

Your favorite sports story

Everyone has a personal favorite sports story if you played organized sports at one time in your life. There has been plenty of incidents that i can think of in my head. It was a time i played middle school basketball and our team was undefeated going against we will just say a less than average team. The look on those boys faces when they saw us was priceless. My school produced some major talent in our area of the city but we also looked look grown men at the time. We had guys with facial hair and big muscles, i can remember one of the moms in the crowd asking to see some our birth certificates. As game went on as we begin to pull away the guys on the other team just started to hand us the ball to see what we would do to it. Could not believe that.

On another note i played on a semi pro summer league team in my city one of friends was on. He begged and begged me and reluctantly i agreed to play. Needless to say that had to be one the worst teams assembled.We sucked so bad that when other teams figured out who they were about to play some players packed up and went home and let the guys who didn't get much playing time some burn. I know it was just a summer league that meant much of nothing we just won t-shirts for winning the title but we went a whopping 1-11 in that league. Yep we won all of one game. We never gave up or quit we played it out as hard as was going in and expecting to lose. One of the teams we played had 4 players to our 5 and we still couldn't beat them! The ironic part of the story is that we won our last game of the season (probably because the other team didn't care they went on to the playoffs) and after the victory to celebrate i bought my own 16 oz bottle of Gatorade and poured it all over my head just like the coaches get when their team wins a championship. Yep that's right, it was my time to shine and nobody was going to take that victory away from me. The guys thought it was hilarious but i really felt like we accomplished something that deserved some type of reward even if i had to take it into my own hands.

What is some of your favorite stories playing? Rather it be from grade school, college, or professionally i would like to hear them, unless its some type of sad, injury sustained, life changing for the worse event. Those stories should left in your own memory


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  2. Cool blog -- arrived here from Yahoo Sports. I clicked on a few ads too.

    I really wish that there was some cool place to advertise the blogspot blogs. It's frustrating.

    I seriously can't believe what kind of a fat ass that fighter was. I guess he gets paid either way though. -- come leave your link anytime, as much as you want.