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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hot topics of the day Aug 26 2010

NFL owners ready to set up 18 game schedule- Word coming out of Atlanta is that Roger Goddell and NFL owners are moving closer to setting up for a 18 game schedule.

With the current collective bargaining agreement expiring, Goddell and NFL owners are processing parameters for a history making change to the league. The new set up for the schedule would be for two preseason games and Eighteen regular season games. "Eighteen games, you got to ask yourself, how many people are truly healthy for 18 games, so will you get your true football, will you get your real football?" Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl linebacker Ray Lewis said.

While i think this is inevitable, I don't necessarily know if it will translate to a better product on the field. Most fans will agree that preseason games suck. You get to see the superstars for maybe two or three series at the most, after that the games become a snooze fest. I understand that the personnel men and coaches have to evaluate the talent and potential of their rosters but does it really take four meaningless games to decide that? Most coaches know by week two who is going to be on the rosters, spending another two weeks on those conerbacks battling for the 5th DB spot sucks to watch on T.V. and to top it off if you paying for tickets for these games your paying full price no discounts here! That's like going to see a new movie at full price starring Brad Pitt and ten minutes into the movie he is replaced by Micheal Richards.

I hear a lot about how this would effect late season games when teams who have a good enough record to rest it starters exerts that option. For an example the Indianapolis Colts ( They always start off at least 10-0 seems like) lets say for the sake of argument they are 14-0 going in to week 15, if your coach Jim Caldwell would you rest you starters? I unequivocally would under those circumstances, its no point of taking chance of Peyton catching the wrath of say Julius Peppers or Mario Williams just because you want to see him in a game . At the end of the day this is a business and making sure the players are protected should the top priority.

Ending with this, I believe that this will get done. To much money involved not to but both side will have to make exceptions more so on the owners. The players concessions will come on the field with more games so the owners have to be willing to offer more money and also expanded rosters. In the end it seems like the lesser of two evils, either play four meaningless games upfront or have a few more meanlingness games at the end of the season.

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