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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who will take the Super Bowl this year?

Fresh grass and the cooling of the summer at last football season is under way and with that in mind now is a good time for Super Bowl picks. I have a poll with the top 5 contenders for this years crown if you don't see your team their probably not a contender. Of course i am going with my Dallas Cowboys which is a good year to pick them with the addition of Dez Bryant i think we have one the deepest teams in the league just one problem: Tony Romo or as Jim Rome refers to him : Tony Oh-No!


  1. Honestly, I've never watched Super Bowl. It is probably because in Europe it's not so popular.
    For Americans Super Bowl is probably the same as Champions League Final for Europeans.

  2. Yeah thats exactly what it is but just americanized. It has got so big over the years to the point where people are saying it should be a national holliday, maybe taking it to far there.