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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer of Bummer

Ahh, Sports in the summer of 2010 or should i say the summer of bummer 2010. Rather if it was the scandal that rocked Tiger's world, the Brett Favre saga, Lebron a thon, Big Al in D.C., Big ben in Pittsburgh this has been one of the more entertaining sport summers in past memory but for the most part for all the wrong reasons. I knew that faithful day in November when the details were starting to emerge from Tigers escalade that something was going on there. Any man could fish out that something Tiger did was about to get him into some trouble but as the kids say OMG! Did anyone see this coming? You could pencil the guy in for at least 3 PGA victories and 1 major a year and now he is struggling just make cuts?? Talk about what goes around comes around, Which leads to the story that never dies in the summer of bummer, Yep you guessed it Brett Favre. How many times has this guy retired? I will not bore you with the details as any sports fan knows this guy is cut from a different breed. Anyone who can make wranglers look good is ok in my book. But how about the way the Vikes are just catering to the man. I mean i know he is great, but whatever happend to the team first. I wonder what four grown men were doing my three days. And now to Lebron, How much more can Sh** on your team than 1. Entertain all teams interested (Why did the clippers even waste there time) 2. Subject them to a just god awful made for T.V broadcast to tell them you going to Miami 3. Doesn't bother to tell the owner until minutes before ( my favorite of the entire saga which infuriated Dan Gilbert). I mean how would you feel if the one guy from your favorite team done all of this right in front of your face. Lebron did give us one the best line of the summer with the whole taking my talents to Miami thing. I now use that for any place of importance that i go to i.e. I m taking my talents to my summer league team the Rude boyz! I just love that phrase. All of the bummers so far have been entertaining but the funniest of all has to be Big Al Haynesworth in D.C. I mean this guy is basically making the rules as he goes and doing it to one of the known authorian figures in NFL history. I don't Mike Shananhan personally but from my sources they say this is a small man who can command a room. He has always run a tight ship (OK so he slipped a bit of that towards the end in Denver) and now you have this big jerk who just got a major pay day and is in no rush to justify it. Its comical to see this guy say that he has a headache and is not practicing. A headache really? I m from Tennessee, i ve seen Big Al since his UT days with coach Fulmer. Nobody can control this guy, the only person who can is himself but hasn't did that since his college days with a big contract and guaranteed money why would he i mean would you? As for Ben, not even going to touch that one. He just has to know better than that, Enough Said. Once maybe but twice your pushing it. Seems likes he is trying a bit harder this time to learn from his mistakes. All in all a great bummer of a summer in sports this year we can only hope next summer will be as entertaining as this one was.

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