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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hometown team VS Your Favorite Team

I get into this argument a lot with my friends and in some cases its fair to rib me a little bit about my favorite teams. I 'm from Nashville home of the Titans,Predators and Vanderbilt University also the University of Tennessee (who i do support go vols!) and the University of Memphis. Now here is the thing, I have always been a big Vols fan even amid a tough stretch for us here in football but our basketball programs are doing very well. When it comes down to the rest of those named teams no so much. I tend to follow more branded teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Boston Red Sox, and the North Carolina Tar Heels. For some reason those are just my teams I defend those teams like I am from those towns. You guys should see me with either my Tony Romo jersey at the Titans games or my Carolina blue jersey at the Vandy games, talk about awkward ( i will upload those pics when i get a chance). I have been called more than a few four letter words (nothing worse in my opinion than a drunk Titans fan) but something has to be said for a person that sticks by their team. Even if your in a place that will despise you every time you make it known.

What do you guys think? I know i am not the only one who has favorite team outside of his hometown. What is a team that you support despite not being in that city? Please let me know if your a big time rivalry city going for the other team example in Michigan going for Ohio State ( These types are always the best!)


  1. He sportaholic,
    Nice Site. I ran into your URL at the Pippen article on Yahoo . Its nice to see someone Blogging about their passion.

    Thought I would drop by and give you some encouragement. I have been Blogging for almost 3 years now and finally am making some decent money.nothing big but nice extra money to pay for car and mortgage. Keep it up and dont give up.
    The ones who win with blogging are the ones who dont give up.

    Take care !!

    P.S. I am origianlly from Knoxville and Nashvillle myself. Iam out here in LA right now and since my wife is originally from San Antonion I have been rooting for the Spurs the last 4 years or so as well as the Cowboys. So I get where you are coming from.

  2. Hey Robert thanks for greatly appreciated and needed and yes its been hard starting but like you said writing about your passion makes it easier. You being from knoxville and nashville you how Tennessee are loyal to their home teams! Enjoy LA i m sure you are, whats your blog i would like to follow you

  3. I live in Manhattan KS and I like the Royals (would be considered "home" team even though they're 2 hours away) and the Atlanta Braves. I use to be a big Bulls fan but that was only because of Scottie Pippen (I saw your comment on Sports Yahoo regarding the Scottie Pippen statue, hence I found your site, pretty cool site and pretty cool comment about Pippen!).
    Back to the topic, I get pretty disgusted when I got watch the Royals and literally half the folks in the stands are wearing the opposing teams colors; oh it's at its worse when it's the Cardinals or the Red Sox. I like the Red Sox, but I'll be damned if I dis my Royals for ANY team on their turf!

  4. Lol that is so funny D.L. i could imagine being a royals fan is hard knowing that you guys have been struggling for awhile but i have to give you kudos for being a real fan through thick and thin from the sounds of it. Thanks for the support. Hope Zach Greinke can give you guys a good foundation to build on in the future.