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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Have The Sportaholic's Been Up To You Ask?

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been posting this week. I am helping conduct the Run N Gun basketball camp as well as the Elite 3 football camp. Ashley and I are administering interviews and writing articles about each. We will have a full out spread about both coming soon. Ashley wants to thank Jim, Collin, Mike K, and The Sports Cubicle for all of the compliments and promises to surprise all the fellas with her sports knowledge. I have been giving her a hard time telling her it’s going to be hard to top her initial post but she says she is game. Ashley and I will be hosting our own radio show on beatknockin radio each on Saturday’s from 10 am to 12 pm. Beatknocking radio (I know it sounds crazy) is an online radio station, so make sure you tune if you guys get a chance. Here is the link by the way:

I have had time to notice that Terrell Owens is probably done after blowing his ACL in a workout or his VH1 show. What ever the case may be on how he sustained the injury, it’s going to be hard for a 37-year old receiver to come back from such a severe injury. Granted, T.O. is a freak of nature and isn’t your normal human being when it comes to physical condition but I just don’t see him making an impact anymore after such a severe detriment to his knee.

I will be writing a featured post on this Summer of Bummer that the NFL and NBA have put us through. Can you believe both leagues have let the business side of their respective leagues deteriorate to this point? The summer already sucks in terms of what we have to watch. I love baseball, golf and all the other summer sports but ESPN has turned into CSNBC with all of the legal litigation it’s showing these days. The fans deserve better than this.

I just want to thank all my fellow bloggers for all their support as well. You guys are great and if you ever need anything for me feel free to ask. Hope everyone has a great week and look to forward to some new posts from Ashley and I later this week.

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