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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Report From The 5th Annual All-Around Game Run n Gun Basketball Camp

Here’s an update from Ashley Danielle from the 5th Annual All-Around Game Run n Gun:

David Farrell (the videographer) and I spoke with Brandan Wright for most of the time. David got a lot of footage. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to hold any interviews because most of the players have yet to arrive. So far most of the staff includes local Nashville high school stars like Spencer Richardson of Maplewood, Jamal Richardson of Maplewood, Jamie Graham of Whites Creek.

The kids were broken into middle school and high school groups. They were working on individual drills when I arrived. They would stay at a particular station for 8 minutes and move to the next. Tuesday brought on more kids than Monday, which has brought the camp to about 100 kids. The total already tops last year’s attendance numbers and is the most ever in the history of the camp. I plan on interviewing a few of the kids and getting their opinions on how the camp is going so far.

Thursday will be media day and Ed Davis, Wayne Ellington, Gerald Robinson, Tony Jones, and the rest of our featured guests should be in attendance. I will definitely interview those named and hopefully many more.

The camp itself was very organized and looked as if the kids would learn a lot. I did ask about a few stand-outs out the crowd from the camp directors and they gave me some to keep in mind.


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