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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another day in the Summer of Misfortune for Kenny Britt

I’m never one to pile on a person but sometimes that person just makes it easy for you. The latest in Kenny Britt summer tour of misfortune now finds our Mr. Britt on facebook, slandering and outright cursing the commissioner Roger Goddell. As first reported by Pro football talk,<, and Slam! Sports, Britt’s updated his status with the following:

"Retiring From the NFL. F*** You Goddell."

"Change of HEart.. My family is always here for me. I made mistakes and i am sorry i am going to change and become a better person and mentor for all my young fans.. I will accept any penalty like a man.. The road beings Sept 11 in Jacksonville.. ill be ready!!!"

"my facebook was hacked with those past 2 status's.. i am not retiring and do not have any hate toward the commissioner."

So it first appeared that Britt was going all Cee-lo on the commish but he later retracted those statements with his last status update. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Britt just does stupid things or supposedly has them happen to him. To his defense, it’s fairly easy to hack someone’s account (especially when you password IS password as according to some reports it was) but these type of incidents are happening way too much to the 2nd year pro. Now the grammar errors are another subject. I know this an updated facebook status but sheesh! Between the capitalization errors and the misspellings, it makes you wonder what they are giving out at Rutgers these days as far as degrees. Again, I’m not here to kick a dog when he is down but this is just ridiculous.

Let’s hope this is just a minor incident because as we all know, social media can destroy people’s lives these days (Ex. Anthony Weiner, Rashard Mendenhall etc.)

As much as I love the traffic you generate for my site Kenny, this is getting out of hand. From the high-speed chases to the smoking weed in public and now this facebook post, I don’t know what it will take for you to get it. And for him to say he will be ready Sept 11 is not well thought out on his part because it’s a 97% chance that Mr. Goddell will be ringing his phone as soon as the labor strife is over.

I genuinely hope this is the last negative post we have on Sportaholic about Kenny Britt. But if we haven learned anything so far about the Kenny Britt ‘s summer tour of misfortune, we know to always expect the unexpected with him.

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