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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Introducing Sportaholic's latest addition: Ashley Danielle

Ashley Danielle is a former NFL cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans and an avid sports fanatic. She now teaches dance and gymnastics along with yoga and strength training at different locations which you can find through her website Not only does she teach just about every style of dance and fitness but she also has her own Burlesque/Cabaret company called Neon Kisses in Nashville and Atlanta. It is my pleasure to welcome her to the Sportaholic staff as a writer and interviewer. She will present to us the woman’s perspective on sports topics along with that much needed allure. As a former NFL cheerleader and networking extraordinaire, she has connections inside the locker room and keen insight from first-hand experience. She will be working with the Sportaholic on future articles and interviews. Everyone welcome Ashley with open arms, as she is a very accomplished woman in her own right and will help take the Sportaholic  sports coverage to the next level.

To introduce Ashley to everyone, we have a few quick questions to pick her brain and get the thoughts of a woman on sports:

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your favorite players in various sports.

First and foremost, I'd like to say thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts at Sportaholic. I won't let your fans down! Well to get on with the question, I'm born and raised in the fabulous Music City, USA. I'm what you call a jack of all trades. Not only do I teach dance and have my own dance company, I am a fashion designer, singer/songwriter, musician and mother. Oh and I'm smart too. Graduated Valedictorian from high school and Summa Cum Laude from college. I am a nerd but who doesn't love an intelligent woman....I'm just saying! ;-)

As far as my favorite players, I could go on and on. And to all of you out there that think I'm basing my favorite athletes off of looks should be ashamed of themselves. In football, my top 2 current NFL players are Michael Vick and Troy Polamalu. Vick has great accuracy and is a hell of a runner. All around top tier athlete and I love that he advanced his team to the playoffs despite his demise a few years ago. Now for Troy....I don't have much else to say other than WOW! I followed him when he went to USC. I've never seen a defensive player like him. His tenacity and drive is like no other. Not to mention, he's a great family man. What's not to love?

Ok now top 2 favorite current players are Rajon Rondo and Blake Griffin. Yes, I know sports guys! Two excellent players that are at the top of my list. Blake's power is uncanny and I was glad to see him named Rookie of the Year. Rajon is an excellent ball handler but there are many in the NBA that I can name. Just my opinion though.

To round out some of my other favorites I pick Tiger Woods for golf with Jack Nicholson in a close second. Serena Williams in tennis, A-Rod for baseball and Usain Bolt for track and field. Not saying that I don't watch other sports. I just don't have a favorite athlete but I'll root for the team.

2. Did you participate in any sports while you attended school?

I dabbled in sports growing up but my passion ended up being more focused on the arts. I played softball and tennis in high school but I never turned down a flag football game or a game of H.O.R.S.E.

3. Who is the best female athlete in your opinion?

Best female athlete would be my favorite tennis star, Serena Williams. That woman is a beast and I mean that in the most classiest of ways! She devours her opponents and has sustained a career that many can only dream of. Not to mention, she has a great body and as a fitness instructor many women aspire to have muscle definition like hers.

4. Do you think there is a bias to women reporting in the sports field

Great question! I do believe that there is a bias to women reporting but it's not as uncommon to see females reporting sports as if it were 30 years ago. Women have made lots of strides in the sports world, especially as journalists. You see a sparingly, increased amount of females that know more about sports. Now ask me if you think that women and men will be equals when it comes to reporting in the sports field. The answer is hell no!

5. Anything else you would like to tell the audience about yourself

Hmmm....I will say that I'm a little ball of fire. I get into heated debates because men act like all women are oblivious to sports. I plan on surprising you all with my knowledge. Tootles....haha

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  1. Looking forward to Ashley's Sportaholic posts.

  2. Congrats on the new team member. Its great to have women active in sports

  3. another reason to move to Tennessee

  4. So I guess Ashley wasn't a bad choice huh guys? She says thank you for all your comments and we'll have some of her articles up soon.

  5. Looking forward to reading Ashley's perspective on the issues she chooses to write about. Good luck to her with her new gig. Great work as always SportAholic.

  6. Wow! I like this post. When I was a kid I wish to be a cheerleader yet Its not happen. Big thanks for sharing.