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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Update: Adam Schefter reports Moss claimed off waivers by Titans

It never fails. As soon as I open my big mouth, I have to stick my foot in it. Not even 24 hours after writing my post on why I don't think Randy Moss would become a Titan, looks like he is. ESPN insider Adam Schefter, is reporting that Moss was claimed off of waivers today by Tennessee.

It still will be up to Moss if he decides to report to the Titans. If he does not, Tennessee will send him a 5 day letter and at the end of that five days, they have the right to put him on the Reserve/Left Squad list.

Wow. Let me catch my breath as I write this. Everything negative I stated in my earlier post now has become a mute point. The Titans will be taking on a different animal if Moss does report. I have a feeling this has something to do with the injury to Kenny Britt's hamstring as well. Britt's injury may be season ending and under the best circumstances he will be out for an extended amount of time. Hopefully Kenny can get back on the field and we can see what the offense would look like with both of the talented receivers.

The biggest beneficiary of this? That right, Chris Johnson. He will now be able to have more open lanes to run because defenses have to respect Moss's deep threat ability. Put eight in the box at your own discretion. He will add another dimension to the offense if he comes to town and I will be excited to see it if he does make his way to Nashville.

The question now becomes will he report and if he does which Randy Moss will Tennessee get? The me first sulking one of Oakland or the team oriented one from New England? Can he keep his mouth in check and put up big plays for the offense? Can he co-exist with Jeff Fisher? There will be plenty of questions but make no doubt about it, this is a bold statement by the Titans. I guess I underestimated "Bottom line Bud" and the front office. It is a low risk, high reward move. I may not have bought into the idea, but looks like the Titans did. Good for them.


  1. Chris Johnson has to love this move. How can you play an 8-man front with Moss on the outside? You can't. Plus V. Young throws the dep ball well.

  2. Yeah C johnson and V young should be going out and buying dinner or whatever Moss needs, he will make their a lot easier. Still curious to see which Moss shows up though.