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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sportaholic NFL Power Rankings Week 10

After all the games on Sunday, I think the best performance came on Monday night. In the speed drill demolishing of the Washington Redskins 59-28, Micheal Vick was almost flawless. His stat line is mind-boggling, he completed his first 10 passes and finished 20 for 28 for 333 yards with four touchdowns. Vick also ran eight times for 80 yards and two scores and now and he also moved into second all-time for rushing yards by a QB. The numbers don't even do this game justice. This was a Monday night massacre. Most casual fans probably turned the channel by halftime. Vick and the Eagles were just dominant in every phase of the game.

Vick's pocket presence now is unbelievable. He throws with pinpoint accuracy in the pocket and on the move. Vick is the most dangerous weapon in the NFL right now. How do you stop a guy who runs in the 4.2, 4.3 range, can drop a pass into tight coverage, can throw on the run, and has playmakers like Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin? (Both have at least 4.3 speed, Jackson maybe 4.2) The answer to that question is you don't. And with the NFC wide open this year, the Eagles have as good a chance as any team to come out of the conference. Vick gives them a transcendent star, one that no one has ever seen on the football field. He has finally has combined his freak athleticism with the ability to read and dissect coverage. This is what everyone envisioned when he was drafted out of Virginia Tech. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned but after his jail sentence, it seems Vick has finally taken his game to the next level. NFL be on lookout because the ultimate weapon will be coming to a town near you.

Now for the power rankings:

1.New York Jets (7-2) - This is simply by default. The two teams I had ahead of them both loss. The Jets are just beating the teams they are suppose to, albeit if its closer than it should be. The Jets seem to lack focus at the beginning of game and turn it on in the end to win. You can do that with the likes of Detroit and Cleveland but you can't do that against good teams. Mark Sanchez has to be commended on his performance. He gutted out the win with a bad calf. Santanio Holmes's grab in OT was all about sheer will as he took it to the house. And Rex Ryan don't you ever do this again:

2.New England Patriots (7-2) - So they go and get clobbered by the Browns and turn around clobber the Steelers? That's just the kind of unpredictable year it has been in league. Tom Brady was just masterful against the Steelers D, going 30/43 for 350 yards and no INTS. You just don't see those type of numbers against Pittsburgh. It's the first time in a long time I actually felt sorry for them. Brady had it all working and was throwing lasers all over the field. The 19-yard TD pass to Rob Gronkowski pretty much summed up the night for the Steelers. Pittsburgh scored a few garbage time touchdowns but the game was never really in doubt. Brady and the hoodie just has the Steelers number.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (6-3) - That was just a scary good performance from the Eagles last night. They are the fastest team in the league and seem like they could field a track team if they wanted to. With Vick they are the best team in the NFC. Yeah, I said it. If their defense can at least give them decent play, I see no reason why that can't make a Super Bowl run.

4. Atlanta Falcons (7-2) Yet another team that I have been resisting to put in the rankings, but they showed in defeating my previously top ranked Baltimore Ravens, that have what it takes. Matt "Matty Ice" Ryan is the real deal. The guy is 17-2 at home and if they could find a way to get home-field advantage in the playoffs, they will definitely be a factor. Roddy White has finally stepped up on a consistent basis and is making his claim as one of the best receivers in the game. What is up with the NFC south division? Can't anyone win the division two straight years for once please? I'm looking at you New Orleans Saints.

5.Baltimore Ravens (6-3) - The top team from last week, the Ravens are a bit of an enigma to me. They have a offense that should be better than they have shown thus far. The defense still has that reputation of the last few years but that no longer needs to apply to them. As I watched the Thursday night game, I remember saying to myself "This isn't that great intimidating Ravens D anymore" Matt Ryan and Roddy White just undressed their secondary. Ed Reed can say they gave that one away all he wants, the fact of the matter is that the Ravens offense is now better than its defense. Just don't tell Ray Lewis I said that.

Other News and Notes from the around the league:

Its getting real Chilly in Minnesota - You could just tell this was going to be an epic fail of a game for the Vikings, and that's exactly how it turned out. After arguing and bickering the whole week, with anonymous sources saying the likes of " I hate playing for him" and the always popular " I know he doesn't have my back so why should I have his", the Vikings imploded on Sunday. The Vikes now stand at 3-6, as Brett looks older with each passing game and his body is breaking down in sections (Ankle, Jaw and now shoulder), Percy Harvin continues to have concussion and migraine issues, and the team has mutiny written all over it. What a sad waste of Brett last season. I just don't see how this team can make the playoffs with so much negativity surrounding them.

Garrett's great debut - So how bout them Cowboys? I've been wanting to say that all season and finally have a reason. Jason Garrett was handed the keys to the team and looks to have way more control than Wade "Aw Shucks" Phillips had. They actually played with a sense of urgency, something that has been on a milk carton in Dallas. I won't jump to far with this but to me it just goes to show you what good coaching and player accountability will do for your team. Garrett is demanding his players be great and expects nothing less from himself. He has to win at least 5 games in my opinion to have the interim title removed. All in all good win and Garrett now has as many wins as Phillips did this whole year.

The Jags get the last laugh - The funniest part about that Hail Mary pass is the way it was set-up for Jacksonville. It was just a bad series of events for the Texans. Houston took over the ball with 1:33 left in the game. Matt Schaub was able to get them down to the Jags 40 with 22 seconds left and he spiked the ball. This is the point where tight end Joel Dreessen made two critical mistakes that help set up the Jaguars' winning play. He was called for a false start that pushed the Texans back to their 45 and then Dreessen caught an eight-yard pass, and promptly fumbled.

If he doesn't fumble than the clock more than likely would have run out. The Texas would have been able to run a few more plays and at worst take it to overtime but as it stood the Jags got the ball on 34 yard line. Houston decided to play soft coverage and allowed an 11-yard pass to Marcedes Lewis. A (for lack of better word) stupid offsides penalty by the Texans Antonio Smith placed the ball at the midfield. From there David Garrard was able to launch a pass in the end zone and instead of catching the ball or batting it AWAY from the offensive player, Glover Quin knocks it right into the hands of Mike Thomas for the TD catch. End of game. The game was an important one too as it put the Jags ahead of the Texans in the division. What a way to lose.

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