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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

San Francisco Giants win the World Series

The San Francisco Giants completed their improbable run to the World Series Championship. They were the underdog in just about every series they played in. It just goes to show you how much the so called experts know. The Giants ranked 17th in runs, 15th in batting average, 19th in on base percentage and 13th in slugging percentage. Not exactly tearing the league up with those numbers, but what really mattered with this team was their pitching. The trio of Lincecum, Cain, and Bumgarner went 8-1 this postseason.

The Rangers bats were never able to catch a break. They were the hotter team entering the Series. They had all the big bats and the MVP candidate in Josh Hamilton. I predicted the Giants in 7 but had a sneaky feeling that the Rangers might come away with this series. It seemed like when the ball Ian Kinsler hit in game 3 landed on the wall, that the baseball gods had spoken and said sorry Texas this isn’t your time.One of my fellow writers and big San Francisco fan wrote “With the way the Rangers have been playing I don't think there will be a 7th game. Someone needs to tell the Rangers the World Series started 4 games ago.” Boy was she ever right.

Tim Lincecum was just filthy last night. He had the hitters of Texas looking like a minor league team. His matchup with the leading AL MVP candidate Josh Hamilton showed just how great Lincecum was. He kept Hamilton off balance with a dose of fastballs and change-ups. Hamilton didn't have a clue what was coming next and eventually struck  out. Hamilton was but only one victim for “The Freak”, Lincecum would go on to pitch 8 innings and strikeout 8 batters while allowing only one earned run. It was a masterful performance but almost matched by Texas ace Cliff Lee. Lee would only make one mistake but it was costly in pitching to a former World Series hero, Edgar Renteria. The former Florida Marlin hero had been swinging a hot bat of late and was able to connect on a cutter from Lee and drove it deep into the Texas sky. "I was only looking for one pitch," Renteria said. And that was the one.

The three run blast proved to be all that was needed. Lincecum was relieved by Brian “The beard” Wilson in the 9th. Wilson may be one the weirdest guys in baseball, but he has got the job done all year. He didn't allow a run this entire post-season. Wilson closed it out in the 9th and San Francisco’s 55 year drought was over. A team that once was scrapping to get into the playoffs had ousted all its foes. This is about as an unlikely run as you could imagine. You can argue there is not one superstar position player on the team. It was a team patched together as the year went on. Each series they had a new hero, be it Juan Uribe, Aubrey Huff, the rookie Buster Posey, Cody “The Boss” Ross and last night it was Edgar Renteria’s turn. "We're just a bunch of guys," said outfielder Cody Ross,

You’re not just a bunch of guys Cody you are World Series champions now.

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  1. I don't know about you but I was starting to get a little worried by the 6th inning. I didn't think either team was ever going to get a run! LOL