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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sportaholic Radio Show 8-15-12

Join us on “The Sportaholic Sports Show” this Wednesday from 5-7 PM as we chronicle the rise and fall of Chad Johnson and his short lived Miami Dolphin career. We ask the obvious question of why would he keep the receipts of his condom purchases in the first place?

We also talk the big 4 team trade that landed Dwight Howard to the LA Lakers and how this trade not only makes LA title favorites but also how it changes the landscape of the entire league.
Of course we also hit on the end of the 2012 Olympics and ask who had the best and worst moments of the London games. Did you even pay attention to last days of events? What about Tyrann Matthieu and where does the Honey Badger go from here?

All this and more as we welcome Jr. the Bossman in as special co-host along with our guests Jimmy Morris form MusicCityMiracles.Com talks all things Titans as we review their first pre-season game against the Seattle Seahawks and what to expect in their next as Jake Locker gets the start versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Corey Parson producer of Rotowire Fantasy Football Today on SirusXM Radio. He gives us the lowdown on who’s hot and who’s not for the 2012 NFL season of fantasy football.

So you don’t want to miss this show from 5-7 PM CST on 107.1 WRFN Radio Free Nashville locally and to stream online. If you miss out we may head butt you like Chad… oh never mind. If you miss the show, you can always catch the podcast on 

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