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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Join Me On The Sportaholic Radio Show Tomorrow 06/20/12

Join me on “The Sportaholic Radio Show” on 107.1 WFRN Nashville as we recap Game 4 of the NBA Finals with ex-NBA marketer and creator of Bluedude Sports AJ Harris. He brings his expert analysis on to break down what he saw in the Finals.

Also we hit on the hottest topics in the sports world including the retirement of Landanilan Tomlinson ( Is he in the top 5 running back of all-time?),  Roger Clemens beating the feds, Jared Sullinger’s falling draft stock, we tackle the Addidas Shackle shoe controversy, and the never ending New Orleans Saints bounty saga.  And of course the regular segments with the “Diss of the week and the crazy but true sports story of the week as well.

This with all the latest hits you won’t hear on your regular radio so you don’t want to miss this one. Tune in to 107.1 in Nashville and for those outside the listening range you can stream live at!

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