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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Has Mike Wallace played his last game as a Pittsburgh Steeler

By Michael Williams

The biggest story coming out of Pittsburgh is the status of restricted free agent Mike Wallace.  Wallace who just completed his third year with the Steelers by way of Ole Miss has been tendered by the Steelers with a 1st round tender, the highest in which a team can give to a restricted free agent. 

Much of the news surrounding Mike Wallace was leaked yesterday when it is rumored that the 49ers were scared away by what Wallace wants money wise in return for his services.  Wallace who is coming off a season in which he saw his numbers dip in the second half is supposedly asking for Larry Fitzgerald type money.  If you don't exactly know what Fitz makes, picture about 120 million dollars.  

Don't get me wrong Mike Wallace is a great wide receiver and should continue to grow but he is no where close to the play maker Larry Fitzgerald is.  Fitz and Calvin Johnson AKA Megatron are the two most dominant receivers in the league head and shoulders, possibly even a full torso above Mike Wallace.  Wallace who caught 72 balls for 1,200 yards and 8 touchdowns saw a decrease in productivity towards the end of the season with Antonio Brown stepping into the lime light.  I would like to think that a reasonable figure for Wallace to be paid would be what Desean Jackson was just given.  I think that a five to six year deal worth 55-60 million would suffice for the type of services that Mike Wallace brings to the table.  One thing I know for a fact, if Wallace's demands for money does not come down he will not be a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers come 2013

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