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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Women's Top 5 Reason's For Loving Football

Ashley Danielle is back! She is chronicling the rise of women in today’s NFL and also the top 5 reasons women love the game of football so much.

Things have definitely changed since the first days of leather helmets and footballs. The biggest change in my opinion is the inclusion of women into the testosterone and ego filled world that is the NFL. Back in the old days, women tended to be at a football game for one or two reasons: A family member was playing or they were a cheerleader. Fast forward to now and the game has exploded on the woman front as there are now women only fantasy football leagues and women catered football parties. Even the NFL has recognized the potential women gold mine as they now have a separate apparel line to cater to females. What we see as the norm now in Erin Andrews, Pam Oliver, and Suzy Kolber reporting on the sidelines was non-existent about 20 or 30 years ago. The change in football culture has been stunning as most women viewed the sport as downright barbaric not long ago, but modern women are some of the most passionate fans of all nowadays.

To give us more insight on the woman and football phenomenon we bring in former Titans cheerleader Ashley Danielle to give us her thoughts and share her top 5 reasons women and football are enjoying such a great relationship these now.

So sorry that I have been on hiatus but I am happy to get back to writing! Women do have more power in the world of the NFL than previous years and that is a huge stepping stone. Female reporters, photographers and even cheerleaders grace the sidelines during the games which make us somewhat of a sideline distraction. We've put in years of hard work to get to that point and I'm proud to have been apart of that. Female fantasy football leagues and parties are on the come up and I think should get more into that in the near future. Something that Carlos did not mention was the all female football league. I don't know about any of you but I keep up with the LFL now. Those ladies bring a whole new light to football. If you haven't seen them then you're seriously slacking!

Now I must say that the top 5 reasons that I love football would not be the same for the general population of females. I'll try to keep my extensive football knowledge out of this....hehe!

The top five reasons women love the game....

5. Tackling

This is a sensitive subject because yes the sport can be barbaric to most women. The thought of 200 pound men hitting each other is not what they want to see on a Sunday afternoon. Don't get me wrong but there are some ladies that do like seeing hits. I actually find myself cringing with excitement when someone gets leveled from a kickoff or punt return. The women that love tackling are the same ones that enjoy WWE, professional boxing, MMA or anything that has to do with extreme sports. Finding a girl who loves hits just as much as you do is a total rarity and I would advise keeping your guard up if you ever find one!

4. Love of the game!

Some of the female population actually know what in the hell is going on out there on the field. These lovely ladies purely love the sport or secretly wish that they could put on the pads and make some tackles themselves. (Especially if the game is less than spectacular!) These women may be mom's of sons that play football or grew up around the sport itself. I happen to be one of these women. I love the game, everything that comes with it and cry like a baby in February when it's all over!

Now we get to the girly stuff...

3. Tailgaiting/Beer

Who doesn't love to tailgate hours before the game and knock a few cold ones back? These women may not know much about the game but they sure do know how to have a good time. Great relationships can be made when you're tailgating. This is where women learn information about the game that they would otherwise be oblivous to. For instance, Kristie was invited to the game by a coworker. While tailgating she may learn who played the Titans last week and scored the winning touchdown. Kristie, who knows very little about the game, can now say she learned something very valuable the next time she's out on a date. You never know when Kristie may have to answer a trivia question about week! Kristie now has a new perspective of the game of football and looks enticing to the guys. How great?!

2. Looks

Some guys just look AMAZING. Point blank, period! Not only are they great professional athletes but they have the entire package including a great face. Although I love the sport, there are some players that just make me feel like I've walked into a sauna. I am not the only girl that thinks this guys.... remember that!! If you don't find your lady staring too hard at the television, especially when Miles Austin gets a close up, then you should leave her! I'm just saying.

1. Uniforms

Now I know plenty of divas that watch the game purely to see men in uniform. It's so sad to say but those posterior regions look rather nice in pads and that's why we don't mind sitting for 3 hours to watch the game with you. Hey...what can I say?! Men have there reasons of watching women's tennis; we have a reason to watch the game. The best asse....ahem...uniforms include the Cowboys, Ravens, Saints and even the Cardinals. Now that's not all of them, those just happen to be MY favorites. These teams' uniforms look slimming in the right areas and delicious from others. Sorry guys but you asked for it!

Now these top 5 reasons girls tune in to watch football are generally speaking and from a standpoint that most men have already stereotyped for us. There are plenty more reasons why a women may watch look at the cheerleaders, eat excessively at the games, watch the mascot or even just tag along to make you happy. Whatever the reason may be just know that she's putting forth her best effort to understand the game.

Just my two cents....


Ashley Danielle

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  1. Its very true and all you told is also right, as women and sports have the only love for players.And they are all happy with it.