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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Urgent Breaking News: NFL Labor Deal Imminent:

The 17 week NFL lockout may be coming to an end soon my friends. Multiple sources including ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Yahoo! Sports are reporting that the owners and players union have cleared most of the major hurdles regarding the Collective Bargain Agreement. The two sides have agreed to a new salary cap set at $120 million (down from $128 million last year) and also a rookie wage schedule that will differ from the top 10 picks to the next set of 10 and so on and so forth.

This is the most eventful day out of the entire lockout as both sides finally have agreed on some of the toughest issues concerning the lockout. Sources are estimating that the deal could be in place within the next 24-48 hours so stay tuned. The news of an imminent deal should put a smile on every NFL fan as we can finally see the light of a long winding tunnel that has consumed the league into lockout mode March 11.

I for one always thought that a deal would be struck right in the nick of time as both sides stood their ground but recognized that losing any time of the season would be detrimental to both. The players have made concessions on the Judicial review front and the momentum seemed to build from there. The current salary cap would put teams such as Dallas and Pittsburgh over the current number but exemptions could be made due to the nature of the shortened amount of time to fix their cap space.

Hopefully we are in the last hours of this horrific and time-consuming debarment of football. The seeds have been laid for the eventual end and lets hope the players and owners don’t fumble on the goal line and get this deal done.

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