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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Matt Hasselbeck brings to the Tennessee Titans

So the inevitable news that Matt Hasselbeck signing with the Titans has finally came to fruition. The 3-time pro bowler has bought his talents to music city as the veteran QB that the Titans so publicly craved and, also as the mentor to 1st round pick Jake Locker. The response that I elicited so far has been a mixed bag, as most people remember the brittle and banged up Hasselbeck from over the recent years. Most forget that he led Seattle to a Super Bowl and four consecutive division titles. His name seems to make most here in Nashville think about one of the two aspects stated above. So for those who are not familiar with the new projected starter for the Titans, I want to walk down a history of Hasselbeck’s career and achievements.

Height: 6 ft 4 in Weight: 225 lb

• 3× Pro Bowl selection (2003, 2005, 2007)                     

• 1× All-Pro selection (2005)



Passing yards 29,579

QB rating


Hasselbeck also owns a laundry list of Seattle Seahawks passing records:

• Games Started at Quarterback - 131

• Highest Passer Rating, Season (Min. 200 attempts) - 98.2 (2005)[20]

• Most Pass Attempts, Season - 562 (2007)[20]

• Most Pass Attempts, Game - 55 (at San Francisco, 12/1/02)

• Most Pass Attempts, Career - 3,806 [21]

• Most Pass Completions, Season - 352 (2007)[20]

• Most Pass Completions, Game - 39 (vs Detroit, 11/08/09)

• Most Pass Completions, Career - 2,572 [21]

• Most Passing Yards, Season - 4,279 (2007)[20]

• Most Passing Yards, Game - 449 (at San Diego, 12/29/02)

• Most Passing Yards, Career - 29,579 [21]

• Most 300+ Yard Passing Games, Career - 16[22]

• Most 300+ Yard Passing Games, Season - 4 (2002 and 2003)[22]

• Most 3,000 Passing Yard Seasons, Career - 8[20]

• Most Consecutive Seasons, 3,000 Yards Passing - 4 (2002–05)

• Highest Completion %, Career (Min. 200 attempts) - 60.2%[23]

• Most Touchdown Passes, Game - 5 (tie w/5 other players)

• Most Consecutive Attempts Without an Interception - 159 (2005)

• Lowest Interception %, Career (Min. 200 attempts) - 2.7%[23]

• Only Seahawks QB with 13 wins in a season (13-3 in 2005)[20]

I don’t know how to take the records he holds for Seattle as they have never really had a QB that stuck around as long as Hasselbeck did. One thing I can say is that I believe that Hasselbeck is a winner. He has proven as much with the Seahawks. I firmly believe this was a great move for Tennessee for multiple reasons. He already has a relationship with Jake Locker as the two were workout buddies in Seattle. He already is familiar with Mike Reinfeldt and Chris Palmer who both previously worked with the Seahawks organization. And the last is that he has proven that if you can provide him a decent run game and protect him, then he can put up solid numbers for a team. Now as far as his injury list, it goes as the following:

In 2006 he suffered a second degree MCL sprain and also broke fingers on his non-throwing hand

In 2008 Hasselbeck suffered from a back injury that affected a nerve in his lower back

The back injury led to a weakness in his leg that brought on a knee injury

In 2009 suffered fractured ribs against the San Francisco 49ners in week 2.

In 2010 suffered multiple injuries including broken wrist and concussion.

Now conversely, I have heard whispers of Titan fans wanting Donovan McNabb instead of Hasselbeck. Those whispers are warranted as most Titans fans are use to mobile QBs after having Vince Young and Steve McNair (RIP). But if you look at the numbers then you will see that Hasselbeck over the last two years has McNabb beat on just about everything. McNabb is also coming off his worst seasons as a pro following a dismal performance in the nation’s capital. He had 15 interceptions in 13 games and was eventually benched in favor of Rex Grossman. That’s right, benched in favor of Rex Grossman. McNabb was openly criticized about his readiness for game day plans and Coach Mike Shanahan stated that McNabb was not fit enough to run the two minute drill. That is two things that you have never heard about Hasselbeck. Yes he does get dinged up a lot but his level of preparation or his playing shape has never been questioned.

In summarizing, I believe Matt Hasselbeck was the best possible move for the Titans to make. He has experience, familiarity with the coaching staff, and a working relationship with rookie Jake Locker. He should come in and immediately take the reins as the starting QB and make an impact on and off the field. As long as the Titans offensive line can keep him clean, then Tennessee has a chance to be a decent team this year. Hasselbeck should be able to thrive in Chris Palmer’s system when you couple him with electric RB Chris Johnson (Provided that he is playing due to his contract dispute). He proved that he still has something left in the tank with his heroic efforts against the New Orleans Saints in last years playoffs. Hasselbeck threw for 272 yards and four touchdowns in the Seahawks upset of the defending champion Saints. The Titans made the most sensible move in obtaining Hasselbeck and they should reap the benefits this fall.


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