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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Tragic Stabbing death of MTSU's Tina Stewart

The Middle Tennessee State University women basketball team was shell-shocked with the news of the stabbing death of guard Tina Stewart by her own teammate Shanterrica Madden. Authorities are reporting that an argument led to the confrontation. “There was an argument,” Murfreesboro Police Spokesman Kyle Evans said. “During that argument, Madden stabbed the victim. Stewart had multiple trauma injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival.

This is such a tragedy for everyone involved. A minor argument that led to a person taking another ones life never makes any sense. A mother and father lose their daughter over an asinine disagreement. I personally just don't understand how two teammates could be allowed to argue to the point that one kills another? Where were her teammates? I'm not one to pass judgement on anyone but these questions have to be asked. The team will be hard pressed to recover from such a dramatic turn of events and also losing two of its players. How do you recoup and recover from something so devastating to the entire university? Stewart was a 21 year old junior and Memphis native who was just beginning to come into her own as a basketball player. This is a team that is 23-6 and the number 1 seed in the Sun Belt conference tourney that is slated to begin this Thursday. I feel for the players and coaches as their season now will be under siege by every media outlet trying to milk this story for everything its worth.

The team can either go in two directions in this type of situation. They can use this troubling tragedy to galvanize and play for the memory of their fallen teammate, or they could succumb to adversity there facing along with the pressure of being the top seed in their conference. I know I and the entire state of Tennessee will be rallying for these young ladies. She was a wonderful, vibrant young woman and a gifted athlete,” MTSU President Sidney McPhee said in a press conference from the lobby of MTMC Wednesday night.

Rest in peace Tina Stewart, may your death not go in vain but be celebrated for all of your accomplishments.

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