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Monday, March 21, 2011

So How Is Your Brackets Looking?

So after the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, my bracket is looking like a high-school kid’s algebra test as it is filled with x’s at this point. My carnage ravaged bracket isn’t surprising when I think about it. Every year I believe I have the formula for the perfect bracket and every year it all goes downhill after the first few rounds of games. I may have drunk too much of the Belmont kool-aid that the experts were serving and ended up having the Bruins making a sweet 16 run. After Wisconsin and Jordan Taylor put a beat down on my hometown Bruins my bracket was already done. I got another surprise when Morehead State’s Demonte Harper downed a 3-point bomb on Peyton Siva and the Louisville Cardinals. Now Harper and I know go back to high school and I talked to him before the game. You would think he could have given some type of heads up or something.

The tournament is so much fun because in a year like this, there are no favorites. You could argue that Ohio State, Kansas and Duke are but do you really think any of these teams are unbeatable? This is as an open field as I as I seen in recent years. I doubt that even Joe Lunardi could pick a perfect bracket at this point The NCAA has been watered down with the one-and-done rule to the point where good teams can be borderline great with the given circumstances. Think about this, if most of the underclassmen that have declared over the last four year had to stay in college, how different would the tournament be? Kentucky would feature the likes of John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight and Terrance Jones. That’s just a scary proposition. Then again maybe Kentucky doesn’t because John Callapari stays at Memphis with Tyreke Evans and Derrick Rose at his expense. Ohio State would even bigger inside with Greg Oden (Do you still think he would hurt in some sort of fashion? I do) and better at the point with Mike Conley Jr manning the ship. Things would definitely different that’s for sure.

How about some the controversial calls in this year’s tourney as well? Pitt got jobbed in the Butler game and I don’t care what you say. There is no way those types of calls should determine the outcome of the game as they did but Butler deserves credit for making their free-throws. Memphis fans still think Derrick Williams fouled Antonio Barton, Louisville feel the same about Kenneth Faried’s block on their last second 3-point attempt and what on earth was John Henson thinking for North Carolina? Henson couldn’t figure out if he wanted to be the hero or the goat against Washington as he stole an inbound pass that looked to seal the game then inexplicably touched a half-court heave from Washington’s Isaiash Thomas that had no chance of going in. His mistake gave the Huskies the ball with 0.5 seconds left on the clock and Henson again decided to touch the ball, this time almost receiving a goaltending violation but it wouldn’t have mattered as the Huskies needed a 3-pointer to tie but still you don’t want to chance those type of things John.

As for the rest of my picks, I still have a chance. I did have down a few upsets that happened like Richmond over Vandy. The Commodores are always a safe pick for an upset in the opening rounds. I had George Mason over Villanova. That made since as you had a surging mid-major that has been here before against a down on their luck Wildcats team that the wheels fell off of a long time ago. I still love Jay Wright’s suit selections I must say. Who could have predicted VCU’s run from first four in to Sweet 16 team? The Rams got in and are making the most of it. That is what this entire festival is about. The little team that could and everyone always roots for the underdog. The Sweet 16 is usually the best match-ups of the season and this year looks up to par. When you have Uconn vs. San Diego State, Ohio State vs. Kentucky and BYU vs. Florida you can expect some fireworks.

Stay tuned is all I can say because as more games are played there will be more upsets. Looking at the President’s bracket I’m inclined to think how is he able to pick a 26-2 first round and handle everything else in the world. His bracket was in 98 percentile and he was 431st in ESPN’s bracket challenge. That means that the President is better than me and most people at picking college basketball and I call myself an expert in this field. That’s tells you that this is nothing more than crap shoot. So I finish with the question I began with, how are your brackets looking?

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  1. My braket is TERRIBLE! I have less than 35% right now that Pittsburgh, Texas, Louisville, Villanova, and many more just RUINED it!!! My friend for some reason has all of his things correct.