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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Introducing Taylor Cannon:

Taylor Cannon is a sport administration degree major from the University of -Southern Mississippi and just like me, an avid sports fan. Taylor joins Sportaholic from the state of Louisiana as an expert on sports business and he has so kindly agreed to share his expertise with us here at the Sportaholic. As a sports management major, Taylor knows the in and outs of the things most GMs, sports agents and team presidents know so his addition to the Sportaholic staff is much welcomed. Taylor not only knows the management side of things but he also could tell a thing or two about what’s happening on the field, court, diamond or whatever. He is a genuine guy and that’s what made me take notice of him. He will be featured in our new sports management segment and what a perfect time to add him with all the labor distress going on in the professional sports world today.

So you know we like to baptize our newest members by fire here at Sportaholic and now its Taylor’s turn in the hot seat. I have set up a series of questions to help everyone get to know him better. Without further ado, I give Taylor:

1. So what made you get into sports management?

What made me get into sports administration was that I always had a love of sports since I was little and because I could not play any competitive sports ( I'll get into that later on) so I became interested in the business or administrative part of the industry and I decided to major in it. One day I read an article on Mark Cuban in Sports Illustrated which furthered my interest in the sports industry (and made me want to work for the Mavericks one day).

2. What is your favorite team and favorite sports memories?

The New York Yankees, I like them because of their old school traditions and they have so many great players came from that organization. My favorite sports memories were going to LSU football games with my dad and watching college football games on ESPN with my uncle. And of course I can’t forget watching my Alma Mater (Southern Mississippi) beat the ten top 10 ranked TCU Horned Frogs on a Thursday night.

3. What is the best ran organization in all of sports in your opinion?

Green Bay Packers name a team in any league where the fans can own STOCK in the team (that’s kind of cool) which means the team will never ever move from Green Bay and my second nomination would be the Dallas Mavericks- the owner come across as a laid back, but business oriented guy believes more in the team aspect of the organization and getting pieces to make the team better than just getting talent and hope it works (cough unlike the THE HEAT).

4. If you could be an agent for any athlete who would it be and why?

Outfielder Curtis “The Candy Man” Granderson of the New York Yankees, He seems like a very engaging positive and low key person who would make a great role model and spokesperson for the game of baseball and sports in general. Especially when all we hear is the negative stereotypes in sports.

5. What is your dream job in the world of sports and how would you handle that job?

Well as the cliché in the sports industry is “If you can sell, you have a job in sports", so I would love to work in inside ticket sales at first and after a few years then maybe become Director of Marketing or Fan Development. I would handle that job as if the owners don’t control the team or even the players, but the fans do. I put it like this, if the fans support mediocrity then the owner will see no need to improve, but if fans stop paying money for tickets and the stands get empty, then the owner will see a need to change pieces in the organization (if you do not believe me look at what happened to the Atlanta Thrashers or the Montreal Expos).

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