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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Urban Meyer steps down as Florida Head Coach..... Again

So again with this huh Urban? For someone reading this and thinking it 2009 all over again, its not but Meyer is up to his old antics again. Less than a year removed from his previous resignation citing health concerns, Meyer has a press conference 5 pm ET to announce his departure yet again.

Florida took a big step back this year going 7-5 after going 26-2 the previous two seasons. The core of the team including Tim Tebow, Brandon Spikes and Joe Haden all left for the draft last year. As the perfectionist that Meyer is, maybe that had something to do with him resigning this year. Meyer pushed himself maybe like no other in the game and as a result he has become one of the best in his craft. At that same token, the stress of remaining in that position has taken it toll on him. I won't speculate about his current health condition even though it was noted his issues he had last year that forced to take what amounted to a vacation last year.

The biggest question to me in all this is who takes over for him? Florida is a top 5 job in college football. Its has fertile recruiting base with the state of Florida always producing some of the best athletes in the nation. The Gators have a first class facility that rivals no one and they have a football rich tradition. Some of the early favorites have to Dan Mullen and Charlie Strong (I bet both of those guys wished they had known this was going to happen before leaving.) Both were assistant coaches under Meyer and know the school and administration well. Who ever gets the job will be getting one gems in all of college football. But who is to say ol' Urban won't pull another stunt and come back like he did last year? Stay tuned folks

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