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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cam Newton ruled eligible

The collective sigh of relief you just heard came from Auburn fans. Cam Newton has been cleared by the NCAA following their investigation. However, Cecil Newton his father was found in violation for making a money pitch for his son. This means that Cam can go ahead and get ready for his close up for the Heisman and continue to lead the Tigers to the national championship. The NCAA stated that the Elder Newton did this on his own behalf and the younger Newton did not know of the scheme. The NCAA finally got one right on this one. Cecil Newton tried to pimp his son to the highest bidder and that’s just wrong, especially for a so called man of the lord and Reverend of a church. Now I’m not out to judge the man, but some things are just inescapeable truths. We know the kid had to have known some of the things his father was doing, but at his age how could he defy his father? My dad is 60 years old and I’m still scared of him (Ok maybe not scared but I respect him to the utmost) so it had to be hard to stand up to him. Auburn was also cleared in any wrongdoing as well after the investigation. Auburn will limit Cecil Newton’s from the athletic program and Kenny Rogers, the reported agent involved, was disassociated from his alma mater Mississippi State.

The question now is where does the NCAA go from here? They stated that this is still an ongoing investigation but he is still eligible at this point. What about the escape clause they just created by letting Newton continue to play? I firmly believe that the NCAA probably knew the stakes were too high to sit the electrifying and Heisman front-runner Newton. Auburn has a history of being jobbed the NCAA so they couldn’t do it this time. But when I go back and think about the likes of A.J Green, Marcel Dareus, and Dwight Dasher, all who were suspended at the beginning of the season for way less serious infractions, I see a problem. All of these players were forced to sit out at least four games and the money they received was nothing compared to what Rev. Newton had in mine. As for Cam, he can now relax and sit back and enjoy football again. Maybe we can even get a comment out of him now after the game and not an offensive lineman. So in the short term all is well with this decision, but in the long run you can bet your bottom dollar it will have a huge effect on future rulings handed down.

Cam Newton has now effectively changed the NCAA forever. Now every time a player is involved in this type of situation he can just follow Newton’s lead on this one. I bet you if Reggie Bush knew it was that easy, he would have said the same thing. Just wait until the next time a star recruit has some type infraction. What do you suppose they will do? Just blame who ever is closest but not themselves and that should be forever known now the Cam Newton effect. Good luck trying to sort the rest of this mess out NCAA.

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