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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Alabama wins the BCS national championship and its 14th overall

Wow and not the good awe inspiring way. Bama absolutely took it LSU in defeating them 21-0 leaving little doubt who is the national champion is. 21-0 doesn’t even really do justice to what the Crimson Tide were able to do to the Tigers. LSU didn’t even cross mid field until 8 minutes left in the game and were out gained 384 yards to just 92. LSU only had 5 first downs. The Tigers QB Jordan Jefferson had the deer in the headlights look on his face for most of the game going 11-17 for 53 yards and just never seemed comfortable against the smothering Bama defense. He was sacked four times and threw one ugly interception to the RB who wasn’t even looking when he threw it.

The Crimson Tide offense on the other hand seemed to come into this game with a purpose. Bama learned from the last game and had a much better game plan that featured A.J McCarron throwing the ball a lot more on first down and it led him being named the game’s offensive MVP. He was 23/34 for 234 yards. Trent Richardson had just 58 yards on 20 carries but this game was really all about the relentless Bama defense which shut the Tigers down in every conceivable way. When you have a great offensive line like I have, and great players around you, it makes your job easy as quarterback," McCarron said. "I've got to give all the credit to them. I wish I could have the whole team up here."

So Nick Saban is at the top of the hill yet again becoming the first coach to win 3 BCS National Championships and Alabama collects its 14th title. Everyone watching and in attendance were anticipating a clash of the titans that would make for an epic back and forth battle or as Les Miles said a match of “Big-boy football” but this one was never in doubt after the first whistle was blown.

Congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide, your NCAA National Champion of 2011-12.

What they are saying about the game:

New Orleans radio host Bobby Herbert, former NFL QB: “It’s like ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ The clock struck midnight on the Mad Hatter.”

Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports: Perhaps we should have known Sunday morning, when Nick Saban was both witty and relaxed in his final news conference before he undressed Les Miles.

Gene Wojciechowski of ESPN: To those LSU followers who think they got short-sheeted by the BCS … To those Oklahoma State honks who insist their team belonged here Monday night … To those Associated Press voters who said they would keep LSU atop their ballots even if the Tigers lost to Alabama …To all of them I say, "Are you nuts?"

Steve Greenberg of Sporting News: Worst of all, according to Alabama linebacker Courtney Upshaw, the game’s defensive MVP, Jefferson was playing scared. “A lot of our guys were coming to the sideline (after stops) and talking about him,” Upshaw said. “Every time he’d go into the huddle, he was looking at us. I think he was pretty rattled.”


  1. I don't have a problem with Alabama winning the National Title. I have a problem with them getting to play LSU a second time and no one else getting a chance. Especially with how hard it is to beat a team a second time. Bama has a ridiculous defense. It's really too bad they didn't do the plus one game. Would have been fun to see if Oklahoma State could score on Bama. Because i know Alabama could score on Oklahoma State lol

  2. Yeah I totally agree with on the plus one man. It does somewhat suck the life out of the climax of the season when its a rematch of the conference schools that have one the last six national championships. I'm smack in the middle of SEC country and can admit that. But they clearly are the best two teams in the nation this year. Ok.St vs. Bama would have been interesting on so many different levels. But it is what what it is. Thanks for stopping by J.R.