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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

T.O. to Tennessee Titans?


Its been reported that Terrell Owens could make his way to the music city once he is fully recovered from a torn ACL he sustained during the off-season. In a story from Yahoo! Sports, Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak indicated some interest in Owens. Munchak was reportedly even excited to speak about the possible acquisition of the for former All-Pro receiver.

From 104.5 The Zone FM in Nashville, via John Glennon at The Tennessean:

"A lot is going to depend for us on how we are producing at that (wide receiver) position three weeks or two weeks from now, and how we're doing (overall)," Munchak said. "All those things will factor into it. But I'm sure whenever you've got a player that has his capabilities, everyone's going to know exactly where he's at. If he has a way of helping our team win, then for sure you're going to take a look at him."

The Titans of course have been in need of an explosive receiver to take the place of injured WR Kenny Britt who was on his way to a career year. The one million dollar question at this point is does Owens still have it? I questioned my listeners on “The Sportaholic Radio Show” on this very subject just last week and received a mix response. I personally think he still has something left in the tank and also that this would be the perfect team for him to land on. The Titans have everything that T.O. needs to succeed, a veteran QB who will stand up to him when he needs to, strong leadership in the locker room, and a team that can win now. Owens has been a model citizen for his previous two teams, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills because he knew his reputation preceded him and if he wanted to play for a contender again some day he had to tone down his act. He is a long way from being perfect as evident by his Batman and Robin gimmicks with former Bengal Chad Ochocinco but his production was great last year as well as he played 11 games and had 72 receptions for 983 and 9 TDs. Who couldn’t use those type of numbers on there team?

As I stated above, I think if this is carefully thought out by both sides that this could work. The Titans have a need for a big physical receiver who can make plays on the outside and who better to fit that bill then T.O. Yeah he is getting a little older and coming off a major knee injury but Owens isn’t your everyday 37 year old man. This guy is a freak of nature and he could pay big dividends for a small price tag at this point in his career. As with Owens, there is always a chance that he could lead a team mutiny (See: Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers) but he has matured over the years and I just don’t see Owens going that route at this stage of his career. This is just like last year when the Titans landed Randy Moss last year from the Vikings. Even though he didn’t pan out as expected, the Titans got him at a low price and didn’t really lose anything in the deal.

In summarizing, T.O. in Tennessee could work provided all parties are on the same page. Matt Hasselbeck has proved he can deliver ball as long you protect him so you have to think he would welcome Owens into the fray. He would add yet another dimension to the Titans offense and could soften the blow of losing Britt. If Chris Johnson ever decides to join the party this year it would make for one of the better offenses in all of football.  Mike Munchak seemed almost over zealous in his speaking of Owens so you can tell he is on board. The only question now is will Owens himself decide to come to Nashville. From all the researched I’ve collected it sounds like the ball is in his court. Tennessee get your popcorn ready if he decides to come.

Do you think Owens would be a good fit in Nashville? Why or why not?

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