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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NFL: The Pre-season is over now it gets serious

Hello to everyone. You may not remember since I haven’t dropped a post in about two weeks. Just wanted to reintroduce myself, this is the Sportaholic himself. I have been caught up with my regular 9-5 as well as my yearly vacation and haven’t been able to write anything until now. And it was killing me on the inside to finally get to a computer and crank out another article. So I apologize to my regular viewers, I have and never will leave you guys. I also want to thank Taylor, Michael, Jim, Trenise and Ashley for picking up the slack for me in the mean time. The good news is that I am back and will be writing some thought provoking columns this week so make sure you check out the blog. Now back to original column:

And now it gets serious:

Players, coaches and fans have toiled through yet another pre-season and of course not without the disdain that we all have for it. Players barely play, coaches evaluate as much as they can and fans, well we just watch until its gets too boring for us to be honest. But now the real games are finally upon us and the pre-season is mercifully over. No more watching the game until the starters are replaced or until your favorite player is out of the game. No sir, not anymore as of this Thursday when New Orleans takes on Green Bay in the NFL’s newly anointed ritual of beginning the season with the previous Super Bowl champion. The table is now set after a miraculous new labor deal and a shortened free agent bonanza. All 32 teams finally have their roster’s set and will be ready to go come this Sunday. In a sport where the unexpected is always expected, this off-season was as unusual as there have ever been in the league. Teams have re-adjusted payroll, rosters, and expected revenues. This will be one of the most unforgettable season on record due to the circumstances and the fans all seem to understand that we almost lost our dear friend Mr. Football

We the fans can deal with all the comes with the chaos of the season, rather it be Chris Johnson’s holdout to Peyton’s Manning’s neck injury just as long as it has something to do with actual football on the field. As the season turns and the cold air blows in, it’s hard to imagine no football to follow. We can now look forward to a full game with every marquee player giving his all for the entire contest. Ray Lewis doesn’t have to give sideline interviews in the fourth quarter. Matt Cassel can finally play the whole game instead of the three series he has been limited to in the Chiefs pre-season games and maybe even Jim Irsay can chill out on all of the unnecessary tweeting he has been doing all summer long. Yes I watch college football and I love it but nothing on earth is like the sheer brillance of the NFL. I don't care about all of the stuff that has happend off the field just give me my football and give it to me now.

This season has been bubbling from the surface every since the labor deal was struck. This includes all of the personnel questions followed by all the team to team questions. Can the Pack Attack repeat? What will New England do to get their playoff magic back?  Is this Philly team for real? Will Peyton be ready for the beginning of the season and so on and so forth. .My personal favorite has been the upsurge in fantasy football heads who seem to worry more about their teams then the actual player who is producing the numbers for them. This all comes with the nature of the season. Its time to sit back relax and watch the most popular sport in America right now. No more labor talk, no more half played pre-season games and no more Rex Ryan Super Bowl promises. This is a good time to bring up Ray Lewis’s rant about how the crime rate would go up in the inner city without any football being played and now we don’t have to worry about that anymore. Its time for the real thing and after everything that has come between football and us watching and enjoying it, this should the lowest ever crime rate year ever recorded. Football is back baby so buckle up your seat belts and get ready for the ride, Football is back America.


  1. Should be a great season... what say you about the playoffs and Super Bowl this year?
    I'm going out on a limb (LOL) and picking Green Bay over New England for the Super Bowl.
    Looking forward Carlos, to more football posts on your blog.

  2. Hey Jim, How about that game last night? Now thats the way you bring in a new season! Green Bay very much looks the part and it appears they have a new weapon in Randall Cobb (From Tennessee I might add) I have a lot of new content in the works so be on the lookout for me. I look forward to your posts as well my friend.